Thursday, 19 January 2012

My most worn polishes

Heya people! So, a few days ago I saw this tag awesome Danny created and I loved the idea instantly. But while searching through my stash to find my most worn varnish, I encountered a problem. I'm not in this 'business' long enough to actually have very worn polish! Especially since I get into wearing all my untrieds project a lot of times and ... well, you know, in general wearing something often for me means I wore it in the past year more than twice. 
The other thing is, I lend my polish to my friends. So some of these bottles shown here were not used only by me. But they were worn, so they count. I love seeing my polish actually being worn, so I love lending it too, to keep it in motion. :) 

So here they are, I picked 7 that actually were worn by me many times and 7 that perhaps not so much, but I still feel like they were or have some other story behind their bottle usage. Makes sense?

 LtR: Illamasqua Rampage, Essie Angora Cardi, Zoya Isla, China Glaze Below Deck, Jesse's Girl Confetti, Catrice Back To Black, Zoya Gemma.

LtR: O.P.I. Kangarooby and Suzi says Feng Shui, China Glaze It's Alive, Brucci Sapphire, Catrice Wine-tastic, Zoya Caitlin, Givenchy 739.

The first row is quite obviously worn a lot, right? No need to explain it. About the second row, Kangarooby was like my fifth polish I've ever gotten (along with Isla) from my dear Tevta and of course I wore the crap out of it. Now it's been neglected for many months, but still. 

As for Givenchy, it's almost used up because it's my oldest (and first) polish. It's 8-9 years old, and the bottle contains only 8 ml. It's an awesome polish, at least I considered it to be back then, I need to put it on and show it to ya. But that's the reason why it's so empty, it's rather old. I haven't worn it in years. 

So here ya go! I think this tag is great fun because I'm a huge fan of looking at my bottle and seeing the visible usage of the polish. Am I the only one that likes that? :)

I tag, of course, everyone that finds this fun enough, but just for fun, I'll link a few people, that I'm particularly curious about their most worn polishes:

Parokeets ladies
Alizarine Claws
Nail Crazy
Biba's Beauty Corner
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and the rest of you all! It's fun, do it. ;) Or at least write me a comment about your most worn polishes. :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. such a nice idea to do a post like this one, I like it! =)

  2. Hmm, po moje bi se pri meni znašli na seznamu China Glaze Thunderbird, Ruby Pumps, pa kakšen Essence Irreplaceable...

    Bom morala malo pobrskati :)

  3. Was interesting to see what you wear most :) Thanks for tagging me!! I'll definitely post my top-10! Nice reason to dig up my stash :)

  4. baš mi se sviđaju ovakvi postovi... hvala što si se i mene sjetila, idem odmah ćirit stanje u bočicama ;-D

  5. My most worn polish is a white creme from a cheap and unknown brand called Chic: I use it as a base for water marble and splatter manicures.
    Besides this, I'd say: China Glaze Emerald Sparkle, Light as Air and Thunderbird, Orly Iron Buttefly and Kiko Field Green.

  6. This is such a nice idea! It's fun to see what other people like to use.. I think I'll do this too..

  7. It's pretty neat to see what you end up wearing most often! Mine are some older polishes, but from my more recent nail polish obsession-- Nicole by OPI Razzle Dazzler (only because I layer everything over black, lol!) and Sephora by OPI Metro Chic... although I haven't worn that in a few months!

  8. Cute idea!
    Moja nesporna zmagovalca sta pa Essence Thelma (iz serije dvojčkov) in, tudi Essence, Back to paradise...sledijo podobni temni odtenki vijolične in zelene. :lalala:

  9. Thanks, everyone! :) I hope you'll do the posts, ladies, and thank you to all who shared their most worn in the comments! :)

  10. Wow, there's me! I got so into reading the post because I like the history behind polish-madness of each of us, and then I spotted my blog as well ;)

    I'd really like to see your stash :D

  11. Blogger ate my comment -.-

    I'd definitely make a post as well and thank you :)
    I really like some of your most used ones, esp. Zoya Isla and CG Below Deck.

  12. I'm also new to the 'business' but I must say that China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic and OPIs Absolutely Alice are so far my most visited bottles! I love your choices!!

  13. Thanks for the passing on such a terrific tag. It really gave me the excuse to go through and play around with my favorites. Your choices are great, I think I will be investing in Illamasqua Rampage very soon.

  14. Aww, thanks for tagging me! I'll actually try to do this one, if I can only come up with more than base and top coats. xD