Monday, 2 January 2012

Essence Into The Dark vs. Bourjois 10 Days 18 comparison

Heya people! First post this year, woohoo! Hope you had a wonderful entrance and start of the year 2012. I know I said I'll be back on the 4th, but I feel like posting this now. Lovely MissDoll asked me in my last entry how close does Bourjois 18 get to Essence Into The Dark. I haven't worn Into The Dark yet, but luckily I did get my greedy little fingers on it. And you know how much I love to do a comparison for ya, so I did it today while changing the polish on my nails, because the one I put on yesterday seriously wasn't working for me.

 A big close up of the bottles, to see the difference in the shade of blue and size of the shimmer more clearly.

 The only half decent picture of the nails outside. Dead gloomy weather, bah.

The difference in colour is quite obvious, Into The Dark is darker, with bigger silver shimmer - it's seen also on weak light, while Bourjois' silver shimmer is so fine it almost gets lost in weaker lightning. They are both beautiful, although I prefer Into The Dark, it's fantastic, can't wait to wear it as a full mani!

Other stuff: application of Essence one is good, the formula is a bit thicker, but nicely manageable, two coats are more than enough. Bourjois has more watery formula, but I prefer that in general. The big fault of Bourjois is the brush. What. The. Hell. I did manage to get it on better this time, I guess there is a learning curve here too, but it's such an unnecessary experiment with the brush. Essence has a great, flatter brush, I love it. 
I did three coats of Bourjois, because I had bald spots, also the shimmer is more obvious with three (if you check my other entry where I had only two you'll see it). Essence is insanely pigmented, I did two coats, but if you're careful enough and use thicker coats, you can get away with one.

Into the Dark is a part of Essence limited edition Vampire's Love and is no longer available, but it costed under 2€. Bourjois 10 Days 18 is still available, here it costs around 5€. 

I love both colours, but if I have to pick a winner, it would be Essence Into The Dark. If you have it, don't let go of it!

Which one do you prefer?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Vampire's Love je trenutno na voljo še v Drogerijah Tuš, vsaj jaz sem jo še prejšnji teden našla popolnoma polno in seveda malce oropala stojalo. :D

  2. Essence Into the Dark je vsekakor zmagovalec <3 zdej ko gledam te fotke mi je pa žal da ga nisem kupila, pa sploh ne nosim modrih lakov :D

  3. I am trying to ignore both of them, since we don't have either one here. :) Into the Dark sure does look nice!

  4. They're both lovely, but I'd go for Essence too. Actually, I bought it some time ago and I love it. :D

  5. Into the Dark mi je lepši, čeprav sta oba čudovita <3

  6. Essence mi se vise svidja iako su ba krasna :)

  7. Meni pa je Bourjois ljubši, ampak samo zaradi barve, pri vsem ostalem zmaga Essence. Ne vem, kaj so pri Bourjois razmišljali, ko so zasnovali to krtačko, ampak to je bil strel mimo. Najtežje mi je nanašati lak prav s to krtačko.

  8. Both are really pretty but I prefer the one from Essence

  9. Uh, tole je bilo pa hitro ;)
    Res si nista preveč blizu in sem prav vesela, da imam ITD, preprosto zato jer se lepo nanaša in kot si že omenila ena plast je dovolj (ga ne bom kmalu porabila) ;)

  10. Wow, both are wonderful, and I definitely need them both :D