Wednesday, 1 June 2011

O.P.I. - The Show Must Go On scotch tape accent mani

Heya people. I feel like writing a post today, and this is actually my NOTD. I really love how it turned out, so I wanted to show you the mani right away. As you can see I'm back to my studying like there's no tomorrow. I'm struggling with it, after the big exam I kinda ran out of energy, but what a nail polish junkie's got to do, a nail polish junkie's got to do. I want to do some other posts too, I have them planned for weeks now, but I think I'll do them in the end of June or beginning of July. Anyway, I still hope you're enjoying your nail polish, I most certainly am! 

Here's another one from my swap with Kris from My Lucid Bubble, it's also the only Burlesque polish I actually found interesting enough after seeing the swatches, with exception of Tease-y Does it, that's also a dupe of Raspbery Truffle by Nubar and thus I keep forggeting  it's a part of OPI Burlesque too. And it's really a totally cool colour, so it's great that I have it. When the word got out it's supposedly very close to Bad Fairy from MAC; that's sold out, of course, it got even more interesting.
Today I also played a bit with scotch tape and my beautiful Catrice Back To Black (i've found a back up bottle, yay!), and here's what I came up with.

 I left this one larger, also because it shows the beautiful duochrome efect SMGO has.

 Just The Show Must Go On. I layered it on my ring finger on Catrice Back To Black, otherwise it's alone (3 coats, two on ring finger).

 Bottle shot MAC Bad Fairy vs. O.P.I. The Show Must Go On. All Lacquered up has them on nails here. Clearly not dupes.

The moment I decided I'll put SMGO on my nails Queen with Show Must Go On stuck to my head and didn't leave the entire day, even when I went to sleep I kept humming the song. Not that I mind, I *love* Queen! Today this evolved into I Want To Break Free, which is awesome, but also quite dangerous, as I began to sing it out loud (so sorry, Freddie!!) with a combination of spontaneous dance moves, when I actually get up from my chair and burst into loud humming, thus abusing the song to no recognition as I cannot sing a tune to save my life. But you gotta love Queen. :)

As mentioned before, The Show Must Go On is a part of O.P.I. Burlesque Collection for Holiday 2010, a collection that I really didn't get all hyped about like all the others did. For me it was a disappointment, back then a first in OPI series, that I'm now already used to. SMGO luckily did meet my expectations and I'm really happy I got it, especially since it's a bliss to apply it. Seriously, getting a polish that is that easy with application really puts me in a better mood. I usually prefer colours that aren't too easy to apply, but i don't mind that, due to the colour, so when something like SMGO comes along, I'm really happy about it. It's a three coater for me, but as you can see on my ring finger, two can also be enough, it's very opaque. And it dries extremely fast, I'm not wearing any TC, and even today it's perfect, with minimal tip wear. 

I did my scotch tape design, as ever, with inspiration from Erika and her Chloe's Nails blog, that I'm sure you all know. I don't know where i picked up the pattern though ... I just thought it would look cool, and it does, IMO. I love the pattern and the contrast the two colours have. 

Anything else? Don't think so. If you have any other questions, let me know. And do tell what do you think about the design, keeper or a bad idea?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Love the duochrome! It shows so beautifully on your pictures :) And the accent nail is so well done - perfectly even and everything. It's a great pattern too ;)

  2. To je bil eden izmed mojih najljubših odtenkov lani!

    O Bad Fairy pa lahko samo sanjam...

  3. Jette Fromm, thank you, dear! :) It's the first polish after weeks that is on my nails for more than a day too, so it must be special. :D

    Biba, ja, saj je tudi tvoj swatch med krivci, da sem si ga zaželela. ;) Bad Fairy pa je del tudi mojih sanj, sem imela srečo, da sem jo lahko preizkusila pri Tevti.

    Thanks for the comment! Hvala za komentar!

  4. krasan lakec a sviđa mi se i akcentirani nokat :-D

  5. I love the pattern, and I think it looks gorgeous with that color, one of the Burlesque colors I wish I'd gotten, but that particular slot in the display was always empty when I looked! (I do have Teasy Does it and Let Me Entertain You, however) Now I have The Show Must Go On in MY head, but not the Queen version; instead its the way they did it in Moulin Rouge, which I thought was great.

  6. Your lines are so clean on your accent nail. I'm totally in love with it. So simple, so classic. I may just have to try this out myself!

  7. Love the scotch mani. :D Polish is not on WL though.

  8. nail crazy, hvala srce! :)

    Shieldmaiden96, thank you! I like Teasy Does It too, I must get it!

    A polished Touch, thank you! :) It's really easy (a proof of that is that I did it ;)), and it doesn't take much time!

    Gejba, thank you, dear! :)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!