Monday, 13 June 2011

Eyeko - Cosmic Polish

Hey darlings. How are you doing? I'm tired, nerves from the exams always get to me. But I want to show you this beauty. It's actually a part of my long overdue post about my new toys, but I guess I'll show it to you before I introduce it in that post, since I can't seem to find time to get all the bottle shots. This one was one of my big wishes, definitively my number 1 Eyeko I wanted to get. I've already told you before I'm a big sucker for this type of polish, black with colorful glitter in it. Eyeko seemed particularly awesome and luckily it didn't disappoint.

Inside pic, soft light, and you can still see a bit of the colorful play in the glitter. When there isn't enough light this one is still a stunner, as the glitter particles turn silver and so really create the starry sky look, that I absolutely adore.

Yes, also a video, so you'll see just how sparkly this beatuy is. :)

Cosmic Polish needed only two coats, awesome! I expected it will need three. It dries a little bit rough, but with one coat it's practicaly smooth. Two make it completely smooth, if you're picky, like I am. 
The brush was a bit weird though. Some bristles were longer than the rest and in general it isn't my favourite brush in the world. But nothing too big, one can handle it, especially for a colour this awesome.

I seriously love this colour. It's all I expected it to be. Major thanks to Daltonista Polish for selling it to me! I've admired her nails long on our favourite beauty forum, now she's started with her own blog, you should check it out, awesome pictures with awesome nails! 

What do you think about Eyeko and Cosmic? Do you own any Eyeko polish?

Thank you for reading!


  1. =) Thanks darling, that was unexpected. XO

    Ampak priznaj, da je izredno težko ujeti količino holo glitra! Na slikah se praktično sploh ne vidi, da je zadeva lesketajoča...ti je pa ratal bistveno boljši video! Te črte odsevajoče svetlobe so nore =)

  2. I have this polish and I love it! It's beautiful :D

  3. e sad sam ja totalno ljubomorna, fantastičan je!!!
    ali, mislim da china glaze cosmos ovako nekako izgleda... ili se varam :-)

  4. Nimam še nobenega Eyeko laka, a ravno ta je tisti, ki me najbolj mika! :D

  5. ajme nedavno sam naletila na slike ovog laka, predivan mi je <3

  6. I wanted to buy this polish a while ago, but I never managed to get it for one reason or another...but now that you showed how beautiful this polish is, I think I'll place my order asap!

  7. Daltonista Polish, you're welcome, it's always a pleasure to discover (and spread the word about) a great new blog. :)
    Sicer se pa strinjam, pretežko je ujeti kako fantasičen je ta lak dejansko. Tudi z videom nisem pretirano zadovoljna, ampak za prvo silo bo.

    Annie, great! It sure is beautiful! :)

    Nail crazy, ne znam, možda jest, ima nekoliko sličnih lakova. :) Eyeko možeš kupiti bez poštnine, tako da nema izgovora da ga nemaš! :D

    Biba, super je, IRL še toliko bolj, tako da ga priporočam. :)

    Lendoxia, slažem se, super je. :)

    Elsa P., great, you do that, it's worth it! :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!