Saturday, 14 February 2015

The bitch is back!

Hello everyone! I do not even know where to begin. :) Hopefully there will be some people still clicking on the new post thingie when they see Did someone say nail polish? popping up. Geez, it has been 6 months since my last post! It doesn't seem like it has been that long, really. A lot of stuff going on here. I am going to make it short. Basically, in Summer my posting got very seldom due to my work. After Summer, in Autumn, I needed to finish my degree while still working and had put everything on hold. I wasn't particularly happy with the quality of posts at that point and I knew it will only get worse if I keep forcing myself to blog when I honestly didn't have the time or the camera for it. 
So then I graduated in the end of December and I got to keep my job in the new year as well, which makes me incredibly happy. As a present for graduating I received new camera from my parents. A very very nice toy. I didn't want anything professional, because I am not really the type of person to travel or go to a concert with a camera, but it is handy to have it, especially if you are considering blogging again. :) 

Oh, I also got a new pet:

It is Dracarys. A dragon, obviously. ;) For my character of Daenerys I decided to be on last year Convention Na meji nevidnega. I wear it on my shoulder, ATM it is hanging in my room (quite literally). 

But back to the topic. As I am making photos with my camera, I will show you the box it came in:

It is still a small camera, I can hold it with one hand without a problem, but I have two lenses, for extra zoom. Personally, I love how it catches the colours in poor lightning and the colours are awesome and correct. Yes! The other wish I had was that it is user friendly. I am not big on photography, so I do not wish to get a PhD in my camera before I can use it. This little thing looks user friendly enough for me to actually explore all its possibilities. 

So yeah, after finishing my degree I started considering blogging again, because I do think it is fun, plus my love for nail polish and make up in general didn't really die, just calmed down a bit. ;) And here I am, trying to revive this little corner of internet again. And I cannot wait to browse through all the blogs out there!! 

Some of you might think: if this was your NY resolution, you are a bit late with it. Well, yes. The thing is, I wanted to wait for my camera to arrive. Second, I went to Madrid for a week and then to Bratislava. It seemed a bit lame to start in January with new wave of blogging, just to add in the very first post: oh yeah, and, ladies, I will be offline for the next two to three weeks, see you soon. ;) 

So today's post will be a sneak-peak of the things I bought or got in Vienna and Bratislava, plus my nails for the vacation. 

I will do the reviews of all the things on the photo, if you have any wishes to see something ASAP, let me know, please!

Until next time, hope to read more about what is going on in the blogsphere in the comments. If you have any blogs you would especially recommend I check out (I was out for 6 months, mind you), leave me the link in the comments! 

Illamasqua Rampage with BBF Guacamole glitter.

Thank you for reading!

~ Ulmiel


  1. Hey, it's awesome that you are back! Can't wait to read a lot more from you again! :) And yay for your new camera! I have a new one too. The E-PL7! And I love "her": ;)

    1. Hey, thanks for stopping by! :) Yeah, I love my camera, mine is a he, I call it Oly. Very original, since it is Olympus. ;)

  2. lol za naslov, dobro dosla nazad :D

  3. Super, da si veselim novih postov... in ja, Illamasqua Rampage with BBF Guacamole glitter. je čist fabolous.. :)

  4. ma nek' se bitch vratila ;)
    tko bi ti zamjerio tako dugo odsustvo kad imaš same dobre vijesti... veselim se novim postovima... a ako ikad dođem malo bliže maznit ću ti dracarysa <3

  5. Yay! Lih nekaj dni nazaj sem firbcala tle naokoli in se sprasevala a bos kej nazaj.. Cestitke za diplomo in sluzbo!!