Saturday, 8 October 2011

Seaweed on Adventure Island of Sin

Wow, that "of Sin" really puts the drama into the title, doesn't it? Well, as you probably know already, it's just a play of the boring title that would be "Sinful Colors Seaweed and Adventure Island with scotch tape accent mani" although it basically covers everything I want to show you in this post. 

I have no idea what's up with Sinful Colors and O.P.I., but as it seems, Sinful will be the cheap way to get some O.P.I. from now on. Not that I'm complaining, I like Sinful, plus it's really cheaper. Of course we don't have it in EU, but they're a great brand to swap for, ladies.
Anyway. When O.P.I. came out with Stranger Tides collection I was expecting a lot. I love pirates, and I love POTC - at least first two movies. I won't bore you with another rant over a relatively old collection, but pastels didn't go well at all with the theme, IMO. And when I finally saw the fourth movie (Stranger Tides, obviously) I was so disappointed, it's such a lame story. The only thing worth seeing in it is of course Johnny Depp and that's it. Oh, and Geoffrey Rush! My love and affection for Mr. Depp runs deep for years now. I watched most of his films, when I went through his filmography sistematically back in high school. I still have few on the list, but all in all I can easily say he's my favourite actor of all time. Yes, he's probably the sexiest man that I ever saw on the screen (for my taste at least), but not only that - he's a superb actor too, which is by far more important for a good movie, i'd say. ;) I love so many of his movies. I know he got really, "commercially", famous with POTC, but I love his older, "weirder" movies so much more. I do recommend them!

Oh wait, what was I sayin ... Nail polish! Yes! *shakes head* You can tell I'm getting down with a cold, can't you? From Stranger Tides collection Stranger Tides polish was the one that caught my eye and I asked Kris for it or the duplicate from Sinful, when it got out in their Adventure Island collection for Spring/Summer 2011. She got it for me, and sent me Adventure Island too (that one doesn't have a dupe in OPI collection). I did a bit of scotch tape design with them too, because they looked so good together on my desk. Nothing major, since I seriously lacked time back then. But I like it.

 I really like how this picture turned out. :) 

I was surprised by how much I loved Adventure Island. Don't know why I didn't think I would when I looked at the swatches, it's yellow and green and I like both colours. Well, I love it. It's a cool, unusual colour and I don't have anything like it in my stash. It applies a bit tricky (must be the yellowness of it) but will cover up nicely in three coats. It shows more yellow on my nails, but you can't deny the greeness of it too. Cool! The scotch tape was a poor attempt of doing one of the Nailside lightning bolts but I couldn't remember how to do it from the top of my head and I didn't have time to start the computer, so I ended up with something simpler. It looks like a shark in the water, so maybe it goes well with the colleciton theme too. ;)

And the Seaweed alone.

I totally love this one. I really really do. Two to three coats, depends on the nail, formula is ok, but the colour is awesome!

I think I'll go and make myself a cup of tea and try again to breathe through my nose. That should be an adventure too.

Thoughts on these two?

Thank you for reading!


  1. SC Adventure Island is one of my favorite polishes! Looks gorgeous on you and I love the simple accent nail.

  2. Loving both. I actually can find Sinful in Italy so I guess you could probably find them somewhere, too. The only bad side is that they are much more expensive than in the US, but that's the same with all American brands for us Europeans right? In Italy Sinfuls retail for 4,90 euros. I haven't seen this collection in stores yet, though!

  3. The Walgreens here do sell Sinful Colors but I have never once seen the Adventure Island collection in stores, it makes me sad!

    I was actually a fan of the OPI collection and all of the polishes are currently on my wishlist. I plan to get them someday :)

    Seaweed is lovely. I love colors like this that are just...different.

  4. Such a great manicure!

  5. I love these so much. My Mom found them a few weeks ago for me, she had to go to three stores to find them all. Hopefully, I should have them in a few days, can't wait! Seaweed looks amazing on you!

  6. @ nonailstoday, thank you so much! I love it too. :D

    @ Simona, no kidding! We have them in EU?? That's awesome! We certainly don't have them in Slovenia. And yeah, American brands are usually tons expensiver in EU, I guess it's the custmos. :/

    @ starification, yeah I know, the collection itself got a lot of love from nail polish lovers, but I don't like them much. Well, they're not bad, but I wouldn't buy them, with exception of Stranger Tides that is Seaweed now. :D

    @ immfeelingnail-venturous, thank you!

    @ Tera, hey, awesome news that your mom found them! I'm sure you'll love them, they're really great!

    Thank you all for your comments!