Friday, 21 October 2011

Petites Color Fever - 24k Gold scotch tape accent mani

Hey guys! How about a little bling bling for today's grey day? I got this in one of our swap packages and I was surprised Kris sent 24k Gold (appearantly a dupe for Milani Gold Glitz) to me. It didn't feel like me, I normally don't wear gold at all, but then I saw the orange/copper glitter mixed with the gold one and I was immediately drawn to it. And when I finally put it on it was love. Come on, look at the orange/copper glitter in the mids of all the gold!! It's fantastic!! I did a scotch tape accent nail for fun, with Catrice Wine-tastic, as always my inspiration for scotch tape is the wonderful Erica from Chloe's Nails. 


Isn't it amazing??! The copper glitter totally makes my day! And ladies, this was only two freaking coats! The application was amazing, really, so so easy. The polish is quite blingy, but in a good way. I needed two coats of TC, it was still slighly rough, but nothing one can't handle. I freakishly love it. Like I usually love all the "wild cards" Kris sends me, she knows my colours. This one was on my nails for three or four days. So you know I loved it, the whole package. Awesome!

What do you think about 24k Gold? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. I am not a glitter fan-but am loving the accent nail! That is really cool-I can just picture it with cremes!

  2. dobra manikura, akcentirani nokat mi je popravio dojam, nekako su mi same šljokice u ovoj boji mrvicu dosadne ;-D

  3. Very pretty, the accent nail is great!

  4. Waaaa kakšna huda zlata! Jaz sem že čisto božična, ko gledam lake :D

  5. Thanks, ladies! I'm glad you like it. :))

  6. That gold polish is STUNNING!