Friday, 28 December 2012

Bunny is connecting the snow dots

Heya folks! I'm trying quite desperately to find stuff to do in order to avoid college work. I've done a make up look with MUA (btw, love the eyeshadows and the powder blusher, it suits me perfectly), I went for a coffee with a friend, I went for a walk, cooked lunch, made tea, edited photos ...I just might do a bit of exercise and dancing after I finish with this post. You know ... to get the blood flowing and they I'll really go to work! Yeah ... actually, I really do need to work, so I better stop making excuses. But I miss dancing, I just might give it half an hour. And now I'm seriously rambling, aren't I?

Revlon Snow Bunny is a perfect polish for snowy winter. It matches the snow rather well. It's a beautiful white foil, I think I fell in love with white foil when I saw it on Das Experiment blog. Then again, everything looks perfect on her gorgeous nails. :) Snow Bunny is a bit sheer, I needed 4 coats for full opacity, but I really love the finished look. I put Lynnderella's Connect the Dots on top, and they look pretty awesome together.

 This is actually how white Snow Bunny is! A bit shaky picture, but it's the best I could get to actually capture the whiteness.

When I started applying Connect the Dots I grabbed the biggest hexagonal ever! See it on my pinky? I did not know hexs that size are even in the polish. It is crazy big. :D I love Connect the Dots, really, it's such a perfect layering polish, it saves just about every possible colour I put it on so far. Revlon Snow Bunny is a very awesome shade as well. Plus it's very easy to work with, if you have the patience to apply 4 coats for full opacity. I do, so it's not really a problem, the brush and the formula are very nice.

Do you like white foils? Which one is your favourite?

Btw, this is probably the song of 2012 for me, I've been listening to it whole day long, might as well put it on the blog. I cannot get sick of it.When I first heard it I actually got that feeling, you know, when you hear a song and it's like a whole new world of music just opened for you and you know this song is going to be like a drug for you, just constantly listening to it, and enjoying every second of it? That is how my love for Agalloch was born, yes.

Thank you for reading!


  1. nije mi bas snow bunny neka boja, ali je savrsena baza za connect the dots :)

  2. Nisem ravno ljubitelj barv, kot je Revlonova, ker sem bolj za žive barve, ampak z Lynnderello je pa krasna kombinacija. :)

  3. connecting the dots je predivan *.*

  4. I actually had to look twice at your pinky. I have connect the dots and I was wondering what you got on your pinky! I had no idea it had that size glitter in it! I'm shocked! Have fun dancing! Always better than work!

  5. Wow!!! This is so pretty! Love the color combos and the design. I find it elegant and classy. Love it!

  6. Connecting the dots is legendary, you are lucky to own it! :) I love your mani! I guess you meant CG Frosty when you mentioned me (and thanks for tagging!)? Oh well, Snow Bunny looks very similar to it :)