Friday, 6 April 2012

Paket petek with my bday gifts

Hello! How are you doing on this beautiful day? I just changed my polish and am wearing the ah-mazing BeYu 209 so I'm feeling pretty good even if I'm on a diet, hehehe. Today is Friday and this week I've received another package, lucky me! This time it was the lovely Parokeets that surprised me. I got a gift for answering their survey about the blog and I must say, they nailed it.

The lipstick is Revlon ColorStay 300 and it's one of the best lipsticks I own. It's matte and this gorgeous purple colour, I love it so much! It surprised me to see it in the package and I immediately put it on, curious about the colour. The colour is perfect and the quality of the lipstick amazing. It lasts for SO long and still it doesn't dry up my lips. Epic win!
Flormar is a crackle and a neon one. My first neon polish! That's why I'm really curious about how will we get along. It's always like that when I get a polish that surprises me. So I can't wait to try it on, I'm thinking about the right colour combo. And green neon is always the best way to start for me. :D

Parokeets, thank you so much for the lovely surprise! It really made my day so much nicer. :)

The other thing I wanted to show you are my birthday gifts. Now, my bday is actually in the middle of March, but as it happens, I had a very important exam right after my bday, so I postponed the celebrations until the end of the month, that's why I'm showing the gifts a bit later.

The black Angry Bird! I must admit, I love playing Angry Birds. Luckily I'm not obsessed with it much, because I can only play it on my BF's cell phone (i don't wish to play it on the computer and my phone doesn't support the game) and when I'm with him I prefer to be with him, not play a game. :) Still, sometimes i get completely caught up in it. And the black angry bird is my favourite. It explodes! The bird i like the least is the white one, with the dropping egg. It's so useless, blah! :P So anyway ... this was brought all the way from Finland, so a 100% original bird. :) I also got a wonderful, really wonderful card with it, and extra coins for my Spain trip, for which i'm really grateful!

Animal bookmarks. How adorable is that?!?! I'm a giant bookworm, as you all know and a friend of mine surprised me with this cute little thing. I love the writing on the back of the label, 'Henry sometimes falls asleep while he's reading.'. So cute! And I can relate to that. When my blood pressure falls, I can read the most interesting book in the world, I'll still fall asleep.

I have never enough earrings. Also because I keep losing them. :( I have a tradition now for a couple of years with a good friend of mine, we buy each other earrings for birthday. Although she's better at not losing them so she already has tons ... maybe I should buy her something else this year, hehe. Anyway. Lovely black earrings I can wear every day. :)

This is a part of gifts I received, some of it was money, some already gone, being sweets and oh, yes, The Body Shop shower gel I forgot to take a picture of. It's the smell of Moroccan Rose and I love it, my friend brought it all the way from France. :)

I can't show you my BF's gift (well, a part of the angry bird is his :D), because he bought concert tickets for a band called Fates Warning. I was really broke then and I was studying my ass off so I already accepted the fact I won't be going with him. You have no idea what concert I'd miss if I did that. It was ... incredible. Even a month later I'm constantly listening to them, trying to get the feeling like I had enough, because the concert only left me wanting more. They were amazing. I'm so happy I actually saw them. :) So here's at least a video of one of my favourite songs, made by them. :)

Fates Warning - One

So yeah ... I have awesome people around me. :) And for that I'm grateful. :)

What was in the last package you received? What's your favourite birthday gift you received or gave?

Thank you for reading!


  1. The earrings are adorable!

  2. Uhani so res čudoviti!

    Lepo je imeti takšne super ljudi okoli sebe ;)

  3. LOOVE those earrings. That neon looks radioactive!!

  4. kraaaaasno :-D
    i ja sam jutros primila svoj nail mail i uljepšao mi je dan ;-D

  5. Jaz sem tudi dobila od Parokeets darilce - p2 cracling lak in enako šminko, le v drugem odtenku (335 - Opulent garnet). Jaz sem se tudi zaljubila v svojo, in resnično ostane na ustnicah celo večnost!

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your lovely comments! :)

  7. nausnice su super i shvacam tvoj problem s gubljenjem, a najgore mi je kad izgubim neke koje su mi bile poklonjene :(

    1. Meni isto. :( Jedne tako skoro nikada ne nosim, toliko se bojim zanje.

  8. I have 7 or 8 of those lipsticks and use them all the time. Glad you liked it too. Thank you for your very helpfully answers. *rose* Earrings look really interesting.

  9. Me veseli, da ti je šminka všeč. ;)
    Sicer pa so uhani FUL luštni!

    1. Ane? :) Meni so tudi ful fajn. :) Hvala za darilce!