Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Comparison: Orly Space Cadet vs. MAC Mean & Green

Here it is, the second comparison.

 I marked which polish is on which finger, this is taken on direct sunlight.

 In the shadow.

 Inside, in a bright room.

The pictures are clickable, but I think it's obvious they are 100% dupes from smaller ones too. I put 4 coats of both polishes and, honestly, I think I should use the fifth one, but was just too lazy to do that. I didn't use top coat, MAC dries up much faster than Orly, I smudged polish on my middle fingure, thinking it's all dried up, but Orly didn't think so!
Same as with Formidable! and Galaxy Girl, it's your choice. The brush and drying time are alot better with MAC, otherwise all the same. I love this colour, it's really awesome. 

Gotta go, running time! Gave a good evening! :)

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