Saturday, 26 February 2011

Illamasqua week - Rampage

Hey darlings! First a letter to Illamasqua, to unite all my thoughts of this week.

Illamasqua, my beloveth,

I have already convinced myself I don't need you in my life, that I don't need your polish, nor Hermetic or Besotted gloss, Liquid Metal Resolute or Precision Ink Abyss to finally achieve my perfect gothic look I'm dying to have. And now ... *sighs heavily* All my attempts to ignore your perfection have failed AND I WANT THEM ALL. I have no idea what was I thinking making an Illamasqua week. I knew I'd crave the polish even more than I already do. Why, why are you so perfect and at the same time so damn expensive? I mean, I'd love you for your package alone, but no, you have to be just superb in quality too, so why do I consider starving to get my Holy Trinity of your nail varnish? I do wonder if that makes me a tad bit extreme. Or dramatic. Or just plain crazy. 
All i know is that I will get you one day or heads will roll. 

All my love, 


On more serious note, darlings, don't think I'm insane. This was my poor attempt to entertain you and also tell you of all different kinds of Illamasqua product I'm craving. I'm also sucker for a good eye look and I'm still searching for a perfect lip product - I suspect I'll get both in Illamasqua. Illamasqua has this alter ego look that I totally adore, and their package really could sell me just about everything, let alone their perfection. And well, I love a lil bit of drama every once in a while. ;)

I saw Lendoxias comment that she's been reading me on bloglovin for a while now so I have no idea who put the blog there, but yeah, people, however you find reading my blog easier! I feel rather silly for not knowing bloglovin' even existed ... oh well! 

To the nail varnish, what say you? It's the last one in Illamasqua week, it's my love, the pure and utter perfection in a bottle, still remaining one of my biggest lemmings, being alive or dead: Rampage. This lemming was killed for my bday by, of course, my dear Tevta. I was so in shock when she gave me the bottle, I'm not sure I even thanked her. How stupid can I get?
Ok, I'll stop talking, picture time!

 Soft light. Still green!

 I noticed on a blog that the blogger wasn't sure why the cap is not lined with the bottle after a few usage. That's why. It's removable. I'm pointing this out just because I didn't notice it is for months. :)

My sweetheart. I love this polish. I've already made quite a dent in my bottle, I'm using it with such a speed I'll empty 15 ml bottle in about 5 years. Which is very fast if you're a nail polish freak, I'd say. Pictures are 3 coats. I've worn it with two coats only too, so it's possible, but with the third one you get the depth in the green that makes me go ghnnngngh. So freakishly beautiful. ALU also says Rampage is a three coater, and I sooooooooo don't give a damn it is. Just applying it makes me happy. Do i even need to tell you application is a perfection? Rampage is sex in a bottle, really. Maybe I should say that line for Phallic? Lol.

When I first saw dark forest green colours that remain green, exist, it became my holy grail of entire nail polish world. Imagine now your biggest craving you have in nail polish. Really the biggest, the one you actually consider buying of ebay for insane amount of money, even if it makes you eat only bread and water for a couple of days in that month and you will still be happy. Do you see that polish and feel the lemming? That is how much I craved to have this shade. Either in shape of Recycle by RBL or Illamasqua's Rampage. Those two are my utter perfection green colours, Rampage being a bit more perfect as it dries jelly, not creme. You may find it surprising, as I'm a total green polish fanatic, but I never craved Nars Zulu. I have very limited understanding for these overpriced polishes, I honestly think only Clarins 230 is worth the hype. Zulu is so dark it's almost black, and I can tell you about 5 more greens like that that are by far more available and cheap. So yeah. Illamasqua Rampage. Tevta, if i actually did forget to thank you, being in total shock, now you probably understand what this gift meant to me. :) 

Rampage is one of my Holy Trinity of Illamasqua. The other two are Hectic and Phallic. I'll get them some day, really. If I only got the three of Illamasqua, I'd be happy. I mean, I'd want more colours, but I'd be happier than with any other three. These are the ones I'd pay 13,5 pounds per bottle and smile while paying. Saying that I also must tell you right now my Illamasqua WL contains 9 bottles. Ouch? Ouch! But they are beautiful!

I hope you had as much fun as I did with Illamasqua week! Here's the group picture of them showin their colours. 

Rrrrr! ;) 

Please tell me your critiques of the Illamasqua week. I'll be really glad to read them!

Have an awesome Saturday!
Thank you for reading! :*


  1. A perfect green... and a great polish collection!

  2. I can understand why you love it so much, it looks amazing on you! Your sleek, perfect nails are so gorgeous with this green <3 That's nail perfection!
    I'm super ashamed to admit that I haven't tried mine - and I have had it for months. Now definitely want to break the seal and give it a go! I've been in the mood for dark green for a while anyway (when am I not, LOL).

  3. great nail color...Its suits you well

  4. plavi mi je uvjerljivo najljepsi od cijelog tjedna :), ali bar je ova zelena podnosljiva za nekog tko poput mene ne voli zelenu ^_^

  5. Super je bil ta tematski teden! :)

  6. Esses esmaltes são lindos!
    Deve ser difícil ter que escolher qual usar primeiro.


    These glazes are beautiful!
    It must be difficult having to choose which to use first.

  7. ovo je bilo super!
    daj reprizu s nekom drugom firmom :-)

  8. Hvala vsem za komentarje! Thank you for the comments!

    Sarah B. I agree!

    Angeles, I only wish all of them were mine. :)

    Jette Fromm, thank you for the compliments, and OMG, run ruuuun to your untrieds and open Rampage! :) It's a sheer perfection, you won't regret it. :)

    Pink_Diamond, thank you!

    Lendoxia, pa znala sam, da tebi i nece Rampage biti bas po jusu, ali je super, da ti i nije los. :)

    Biba, hvala! :) Bom poskusila še s kakšnim kdaj. :)

    BellasUnhaseCia, yes, it was, actually! :)

    nail crazy, pokušat ču, možda dobijete brzo Depend tjedan. ;)

  9. My dear, odličen entry, ki zelo lepo paše skupaj s sanjskim lakom. :)
    Zmagala si, okužla si me s svojo obsesijo in navdušenostjo, ker že tri ure berem tvoj blog.
    moj budget je resno ogrožen.

  10. Haha, Martinček, super. ;) Saj veš da ni treba zapravljat denarja, samo seznamček tistih, ki bi jih rada preizkusila mi daj, jih komot posodim. :)