Friday, 31 May 2013

ArtDeco ~ 130

Hey people! It's been a while. May is the hardest with the exams, although June is going to be hard as well. Lots of work. Today I had one of the exams and I am so tired. Nevertheless, I am still polishing my nails and trying to take photos of my nails (my camera is slowly dying on me). This particular polish is an old gift I got for NY a couple of years ago. I actually doubt it is still available ... it is a part of ArtDeco Ceramic Nail Lacquer line. I am not a fan of ArtDeco nail polish solely because the price is way to steep in my opinion, for the rather poor choice of colours. Well, maybe the choice is not that bad ... just not after my taste. But this little fellow is a pretty one.

I can't remember really, but I think this was three coats. Good brush as well. I especially love the golden specks of irregular shapes in the purple base. 

Do you own any ArtDeco nail polish?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Tole je prav lušten odtenek. :)

  2. Iz istih razloga ni ja bas ne gledam njihove lakove, ali lijep je ovaj :)

  3. krasan je ovaj tvoj, u mojoj kolekciji nema nijedan njihov predstavnik ;)

  4. Čudovit odtenek in bi krasno izgledal tudi v moji kolekciji rdečkotov