Friday, 25 October 2013

Bratislava: Chapter 4 ~ Jeseň v Bratislave (Fall in Bratislava)

Hey my dear people! How are you doing? It's nearly two months since I moved to Bratislava, even though it feels like a week or two. Apparently I lost the tourist vibe, as I get asked by confused Slovak or foreign people for directions approximately once a week, and I am still not feeling one bit homesick. I half expected it to hit me about a month after arriving here, even though I always loved to travel. Maybe the fact that my boyfriend comes visit every month helps.

Autumn here is absolutely gorgeous, btw. I am still walking to my faculty, a long walk, but it is so gorgeous, this week we had 23 degrees once! The sun is shining, the trees are changing the colours of their leaves, even the air smells like fall, gorgeous. The baked chestnuts stands on the streets, the smell of fallen leaves on the sidewalks ... gorgeous. No fog, basically no rain. Love it. So here are some random pictures of Old Town, or my walk across Old Bridge across Dunaj river (Danube river), and some of gorgeous Hviezdoslavovo namestie (square) or the park of Medicine faculty and another park near my faculty ... have I said gorgeous often enough in this paragraph?

White (up) and dark (down) chocolate treat in Old Town. YUM

 To me this building looks like something wizards would build for their own use. In fact it is a high school. Or so they want the Muggles to think.

Another thing made my Fall here even more awesome. Fates Warning played in Bratislava last week. It was a great, great concert, great sound, great place. Randal Club, I do recommend it!

How is your Fall going so far? :)

 Slovak word of the chapter: strom [means tree (drevo)]. This one really surprised me.

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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  1. Izgleda da je divna jesen u Bratislavi :D Ni u Zagrebu nije lose u zadnje vrijeme, ima sunca, nije jos hladno :)