Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Comparison Catrice It Blue My Mind! vs. O.P.I. Yoga-ta Get This Blue!

Hey everyone! How are you? I'm glad you're enjoying my comparisons, I'm having great fun making them. :) I'm sorry for the lack of response in the comment section, I promise, I'll answer today or tomorrow. I always feel bad if I don't answer them soon, because I fear you'll think I don't appreciate them - I really do, I love your comments! This entry will be short, I'm in a hurry, but I wanted to show it to you. Colorfulbottle said she's interested in just how close those two get and so was I so I said ok, let's do it. Even though it's obvious from the bottles, they're not the same. So it's not seeking dupes, it's more like comparing two colours, to see how different they are. 

Things they have in common: they're blue and they are shimmery. And that means big fat NADA in nail-polish world. ;) In my book they are two completely different colours. I mean, colour 'blue' is ... I can think of gazillion different shades (and polishes, for that matter) that are blue, but completely different. Yes, they are both on the dark side, Catrice being brighter, and although it seems they have the same shade of shimmer, looking at the bottles you can see Yoga-ta Get This Blue's shimmer is almost teal, while It Blue My Mind! has a bright shimmer, I also see purple shimmer in there. 
They are both two coaters, both have flat brush that I love, and neither is staining, so yay! 

Both gorgeous, both a must have. :) Man, this is coming from someone, that disliked blue polish a few months ago. Can we all chuckle and shake our heads in disbelief together? Good!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Joooj, moram dobiti tega OPI-ja... :)

  2. Well if it's any consolation - Maestra can't stop chuckling over my 180 degree turn in polish taste. :D

    I love both polishes ... and have neither. There is something wrong with this picture.

  3. Obožavam modru boju...nemam opi-ja ali imam catrice...bar nešto :-)

  4. Ne morem se odločiti, kateri mi je lepši. Obožujem temno modre lake. Catrice imam, OPI pa se mi zdi malce predrag za moj študentski žep. :/

  5. hm mozda en vouge iz glamourame je blizi ovom opiju bas mi se cine slicni iako je moguce da je i en vouge tamniji :) a ova su mi oba lijepa, volim tamno plave lakove

  6. Ooo, super primerjava, hvala ti =). Res sta popolnoma različna, nisem pričakovala takih razlik.

    Očitno bom morala še tega OPI-ja dodat na WL =)

  7. Biba, kar, ne bo ti žal. :) Ni ga pretirano težko dobiti, tako da ne bi smel biti problem. :D

    Gejba, can I be curious and ask you which colours did you like before and which are your favourites now? :)

    Nail crazy, Catrice je fantastičan, tako da stvarno je nešto! :)

    Taya, poglej malce po internetu, OPI se da dobiti že za zelo spodobno ceno.

    Lendoxia, nažalost nemam en vouge, ali ćini mi se, da znam kojeg misliš i možda su stvarno blizu, da!

    Colorfulbottle, malenkost, mi je v veselje. :) In ja, kar oba je potrebno imeti. :D

    Hvala za komentarje!/Thank you for the comments!