Friday, 9 November 2012

Paket Petek (haul post)

Hello my people! How are you doing? It's that great Friday again when I get up to a package awaiting me. This time I was in a hurry and I didn't have time to open it right away, the agony! The package came all the way from Brazil. A wonderful nail polish blogger contacted me a few weeks ago about nail polish that bears her name and if I would be interested in a swap. But of course! I never ever thought I'll get my hands on Brazil beauties so this was a real surprise. Eveline has a nail polish blog with five other Brazilian gals and their photos and nails are absolutely stunning, see for yourself: Tudo Sobre Esmaltes. Let not the langauge be an obstacle, beautiful swatch needs no words. ;)

This package is actually number 2, number 1 is probably still somewhere on the way. Since one of the packages sent to me got lost during Summer I'm a bit anxious about late packages, but I hope all will be fine. Let's have a look at the beauties! 

Gorgeous. <3 Can't wait to play with them. I'm a fan of Powerpuff Girls (one of the rare 'classic girly' cartoons I love) so I had to choose some of them, and I absolutely adore Guacamole and the funky glitter it is. And the Sea Blue franken actually has a bow on the handle, how adorable is that? The one that intrigues me the most is actually Lotus franken, so I just might start with that one. Such a lovely package, Lord of the Rings, am I a happy hobbit!

Eveline, swapping with you was awesome, I'm really glad to meet another amazing person in this lovely nail polish blogsphere. Thanks again!

Do you have any Brazilian polish? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Nazalost nemam nijednog "brazilca" ali uopce se ne bi bunila na njihove lakove, toliko je bilo swatcheva divnih holo i duochrome lakove da stvarno zavidim curama u Brazilu

  2. Super paket. Jaz sem prejšnji tede dobila holo lake iz Hits No Olimpo kolekcije in sem bila presrečna.Z Brazilkami je prav lepo swapati.

  3. Guacamole = awesome! :D

    Meni bi rada čim prej videla zelenega in viola Jade. Izgleda krasno! <3

  4. This nail mail is: *Envyyyyyyyyyyy*.
    I'm really fond of Brazilian polishes, but unfortunately I cannot receive them cause Italy's got many restrictions and it's quite 'impossible' for us to receive polishes and cosmetics from outside EU without any problem.
    Cannot wait to see Jade gems *.* and Speciallità goodies too!!