Friday, 20 July 2012

Still alive and wearing nail polish

Good evening my dear people! Long time no speak-y! *poor imitation of Manny's voice* Seriously, it's been so long since my last blog entry I feel weird typing this away. And earlier on when I edited the pictures I was all clumsy, already out of the routine, hehe. I've had the most wonderful Summer so far. As you know, after my last exam I went to Spain for a week. Well, after two days back home my BF took me to Czech Republic to a festival and after 4 days there I immediately started with a summer class at my college. Quite voluntarily! It was a brilliant theme that I enjoyed greatly and the professor (from the USA, not ours) was this incredible person that I'm really honoured to have met. Well, after that I took a few days off, I finally continued with reading last book from A Song of Ice and Fire saga, A Dance with Dragons and before I knew it, we were up north in our little cottage of peace and I was cut off computer again. Not that I minded, I had some great books with me, great company and awesome view of the mountains.

In short: time flies when you're having fun. I of course haven't forgotten about my little make up obsessions and I still checked your blogs when I had an hour to spare. So how about I show you what I've bought in Spain make up related? I'm also planning to do my travelling posts about Spain, if you're still interested in reading them, as soon as I get the photos (that will be much better this time, a friend of mine, mistress of photography, has done them with her epic camera!). But for today let's check out my purchases in make up department, as I owe them to KrvavaMeri too (she has awesome, truly awesome blog:, certainly one of my favourite on entire make up blogsphere).

 Just because my lightbox made them look funny, this is how they look like. Actually the concealer is not as white ... *sigh* that's why I don't do make up swatches, I'm afraid. 

In case you're wondering about the info on products. The copper eyeliner misbehaved so I'm giving you its number here: 403. 

Actually my number 1 make up destination in Madrid was Inglot. I really want a couple of Inglot shades and stuff ... alas, we didn't manage to get there. Madrid is big, as you can imagine. So if something is 'on the edge of Madrid, not quite out but not quite in either' that takes a couple of hours with public transport and search for the shop and choosing the colours etc. ... being for the first time in Madrid and only for 3 days, I didn't want that chunk of time taken from enjoyment of discovering Spain capital so I let it pass and did a mental note on road trip to Zagreb. :) But we still had El Corte Inglés and Kiko! And boy oh boy did I enjoy browsing through all the counters. The prices were too high most of the time, from Bobbi Brown to MAC and Urban Decay and so on ... sorry, just can't afford it. But I liked looking at it. :) The good thing about having them close is that when you actually see the products and test them, a lot of them lose a bit of the charm you see on them when drooling over some amazing swatches on the Internet. But when I saw I can get basically two Sephora eye shadows for the price of one (well, the second one cost 1€ if you bought two) I said I'll take some risk, especially since I saw a couple of shades I'd love to have. I took the two and ... wow. I'm shocked by how amazingly pigmented are they! Seriously awesome purchase, I love both of them! So Sephora is definitively worth the money, although the regular price for one (around 12 euro) seemed a bit much still. But you really get an amazing product for the cash!

Second was Kiko. I had a wishlist for Kiko, actually. Luckily, like I said before, some magic is lost when you are there, trying the testers, seeing the fall-out on glitter eye shadows and so on. Oh, and a little girl, who her mother obviously ignored, scratching the testers so the floor was full of crushed eyeshadow  ... ouch. But Madrid's Kiko is a crammed place, so you can lose yourself in that chaos quite fast. Anyway ... the assistants were very lovely and kind and so I got my concealer, one eyeshadow that I couldn't say no to and two amazing eyeliners, insanely good eyeliners, seriously! And a blush. My first official blush, can you believe it. Krvava Meri made me reconsider this product with her great entries on it (I used to think it's completely useless on me) and I'm quite amazed by the affect it leaves on the face. So I'm glad I bought it. It looks very natural on me and I wanted that, having always bold eye make up on. 

Ah, here I go again, talking and talking and talking about make up. Wait 'till I get to the cities I visited. ;) 

Do you have any Kiko or Sephora products? Can you recommend some especially? What have you been up to in these past few weeks? Do tell! :) 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Kako zelo vesela sem bila, ko sem videla nov post! WB! :)
    Zelo lepe NP. Mene so pritegnili vsi zeleni izdelki - obe senčili & liner. <3 Sploh pri slednjem se veselim swatcha, ker na spletu izgleda prečudovito. (OMG, zdaj vidim, da imajo kar 4 zelene odtenke. Vau.)
    Tudi blush sem poguglala in izgleda krasno.

    Res ti hvala za pohvale. <3

    1. Hvala ti! :) Me veseli, da so ti izdelki všeč, sploh komentar na blush sem komaj čakala. :))

    2. Potem se bom malo bolj potrudila. :D
      Barva izgleda na vsakem swatchu drugače, ampak deluje mi nevtralno do toplo. Nekaj med nude/nevtralnimi in peachy odtenki, kar je odlična izbira za skoraj vsak MU. Meni se tako blushi posebej dopadejo v kombinaciji s smokey eyes in kožnimi ustnicami. <3 In seveda za vsak dan, ker je vrhunska barva za nežno poudarjanje ličnic brez prevelike pozornosti. (Sicer se mi zdi kar podoben La Femme Peach, mogoče je malenkost bolj nevtralen. Tako da te lahko odrešim tega nakupa. :P)

      Upam, da boš zadovoljna uporabnica. :)

  2. o, kako mi je drago tebe vidjeti opet <3
    glavno da si ti uživala, a mi jadni sjedili tu i čekali ;-D
    nadam se da ćeš nam što skorije pokazat te fotke :-)
    sjenila su fantastična, i mene pucaju takve boje *.*
    svoje prvo rumenilo sam uzela pred par mjeseci, a sad već imam i drugo... znači nikad nije kasno ;-D

    1. I kako je meni drago to čuti. *hug* Fotke stižu, nadam se da što prije! :)

  3. isti Kiko blush sem nabavila ravno pred enim tednom! :)

  4. I've got some Kiko pencils, Vibrant Eye Pencils are gorgeous IMO. Except from polishes and pencils I do not have anything else. About Sephora, I bought 4 of their eyeshadow palettes. Rounded ones, with 4 shades and eyeliner...they're great! Highly pigmented and longlasting.

  5. a napokon si nazad :D super sto se tako lijepo zabavljas, a od kupnje mi je rumenilo najbolje :)