Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rimmel 60 seconds ~ Chocolate Fountain

Hello my dear people! How are you doing? It is getting cold here! I found GOSH pigments in a shop and I am tempted to buy them! Also I am itching to buy another book. I find books here so cheap, I cannot resist. :) 

I have another Rimmel for ya today. It is my flatmates and it is a brown shimmer. I do not like brown shades, but I wanted to try this one, it looked very nice and quite similar to O.P.I. Romeo & Joliet, that I adore and I hoped I found a very cheap and decent dupe of it.

This is three coats, the second one was still patchy, but probably because I was multitasking while applying it (eating, Skyping, adjusting the lamps for my impro-lightbox ... I'm surprised my mani turned out well, actually). Chocolate Fountain is incredibly rich brown shimmer. I think it looks quite lovely, even if it is brown, it is a brown I can wear. Again, great brush, great drying time.

And a quick comparison of Chocolate Fountain and Romeo&Joliet in the bottles. As you can see, R&J is more red, so no dupes. The shimmer is just as rich though.

Do you like brown nail polish, wear it often? Which one is your favourite?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Really beautiful colour!
    Brown is one of my favourite colours to wear along with blue and purple. My current favourite is Models Own Becca's Brown :))

  2. Super pretty! Eine wunderschöne Herbstfarbe!

  3. I think this is a pretty brown shade :) Thanks for swatching it!

  4. Not really a shade I'd wear but it looks nice on you :)

  5. izgleda jako bogato, baš poput jeseni ;)

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