Friday, 15 November 2013

Rimmel 60 seconds ~ Rapid Ruby

Hey people! How are you doing? It is insanely sleepy day here in Bratislava, I can barely keep my eyes open after a very large chunk of sleep and two coffees. I guess I'll be back to True Blood marathon that I'm having for the last couple of sleepy days. Do you watch True Blood? I loved the first two seasons and then it just turned to crap, the only reason why I'm sticking to it for so long is story about Eric and Pam. I love Pam, she's so fun, even though they are messing up her character now in the very end. Won't even go into Eric. Tall Viking, such an eye-candy. Oh, and I actually think Sookie is a good main character, which is a rare thing for me. But the quality of the story really went downhill, too bad.

Anyway! Most of you were looking forward to this Rimmel beauty, so I am showing it today. I applied it yesterday for the third time in two months, needless to say it is some kind of record for me. I heard a lot of good stuff about the Rimmel brush, so when I saw they had Rimmel stand here in Blava, I bought one. Rapid Ruby is one of those classic dark reds that you really can't get sick of. Well, actually you can,I sold my bottles of this shade about a year ago (was in serious anti-red polish phase then), just so I now repurchased the colour. It is a perfect shade for Fall as well, if you keep track on these things. It reminds me of a very good friend of mine, who by now probably finished her 7th or 8th bottle of this shade (not exaggerating), so I see it as her signature colour. :)

This is two coats. Rimmel has fantastic nail polish, really. The brush is really excellent, it hugs your nail, the application is very easy. It dries fast, sometimes almost too fast, if you want to correct something. Seriously fast drying, even without TC (I use it anyway). So if you are not a TC fan, I think you should give Rimmel a go, pigmentation is also very good. My flatmate does not use TC and she has other shades and it is the same story. Very nice surprise by Rimmel. 8 ml is just under 2 euros here, 1.89 or 1.99, something like that. Depends on where you buy it too. 

Anyway, I shall definitively buy more of Rimmel. Do you have any favourite shades by Rimmel you think I should look out for? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Super mi je ova nijansa iako sam ocekivala da ce mozda imat shimmer. Od ovih novih bocica ne znam kakvi su, al od onih 60 seconds ako je nisu izbacili sky high je prekrasna nijansa

  2. I really like Rimmel polishes, though I prefer the Salon Pro series, and this colour is awesome for fall and winter season ;D

  3. I used to wear this shade back in the 90's! They used to make a hot pink called "Shocker" which was amazing for a pedicure, I recommend it!

  4. prelep! moracu da ga kupim jer volim da namazem ove 60 sec kad nemam vremena za bazu, dva sloja i topcoat :)

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  6. Still sleepy after 2 coffees!?? lol I used to love True Blood as well but I agree that the story went to crap! Great red shade; I actually have no Rimmel polishes, but now I must see what I've been missing :)

  7. I once had this polish and it was my favorite red.. But then I used it all up and I haven't been able to find this again. I remember that I loved this shade so much! And it looks great on your nails :)