Friday, 13 December 2013

New In ~ A haul post

Heya ladies! It's time for another haul post. Yeah, I think I bought more in a month than in previous two, ah. But everything is so pretty!! Plus, I got a lot of stuff on sale and as a gift. That's my story, I'm sticking to it! 

Mostly I got nail polish and eyeshadow, yes, but also lipstick, brush and some other stuff. Wanna take a closer look?

Nail poliiiish! I found Miss Sporty Metal Flip collection and just had to have it. Come on, duochromes for under 2 €? Yes please! Rimmel Space Dust is my first textured polish and I am still not a fan of this finish BUT Total Eclipse is utterly gorgeous thanks to the green duochromish glitter. More about them in separate posts with swatches. :)

Sephora's eyeshadows were a gift from my flatmate. I love Sephora's eyeshadow I have, so I was really happy to play with Midnight Kiss (the purple one) and Rock'n'roll never dies (the grey glittery one). BellaPierre pigments were on sale in Ljubljana (from 17€ to 3,50€, could not resist!) so I asked my mom to buy them for me, I just checked very poor choice of swatches they have online and tried my luck. So far I like them, I got shades Insist, Cinnabar and Money. 
ArtDeco brush was on sale here, I got it for 4€ only, total bargain, especially since it is effing perfect for creme eyeshadow!! I now just regret not buying more than one. 

My yesterday's purchase, lipstick from Catrice Feathers & Pearls collection inspired by the 20ies and flappers. Loooove! And this lipstick is a perfection, I also love the package. Shade: Josephine's Joy. Yum!

Non make up related stuff. Hair Manya Diamond spray was a gift from my cousin, when she stayed here, she said she has another bottle at home and left me this one. It makes your hair really soft, but I'm not sure if it does anything else for the hair.
Ziaja make up remover. I bought it because I ran out of my dear Bioderma and here it is way too expensive. But Ziaja did not impress me, I'm searching for something new already. 

That's it! What did you buy lately? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Oh, tale tvoj Rimmel Space Dust je čudovit! Sem ga tudi že občudovala, ampak sem si potem (nazadnje) raje privoščila nekaj novih Barry M lakcev (♥).

    1. O, Barry M! Niti enega laka nimam od njih. Rimmel mi je pa zelo všeč, ja. :)

  2. The Miss Sporty polishes are amazing and good quality for the price!

    1. Yeah, I agree. I used to think they are bad quality, but lately they impress me. And they are seriously cheap!

  3. Uuu Miss Sporty lakci in Sephora senčke! <3 Škoda, da nisem videla te ArdDeco razprodaje.

    ♥, moonchild beauty blog

    1. ArtDeco razprodajo imajo tu na Slovaškem, dvomim, da je tudi v Sloveniji, ker zgleda kot da umikajo ArtDeco iz tiste drogerije. :)

  4. Aha, potem si kupila tisti Rimmel. :) Pa naenkrat sem pomislila, da ti na Slovaškem tujim študentom verjetno ni bilo treba razlagati, da Slovenia in Slovakia ni isto. Vsaj upam. :D Martina

  5. NIce nice, ja se pokusavam drzat podalje od trgovina, al uleti pokoji lakic ili ruz tu i tamo


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