Thursday, 19 December 2013

Review: Texture Metal Stickers on royal purple base

Hey girls! How are you doing? I finally finished with my exams for December and I'm looking forward to my visit from Ljubljana tomorrow, a friend of mine is coming for a couple of days and I'm really excited about it. :)) Blava is still gorgeous, even with Lady Winter showing her claws in last few days. Most of my colleagues are leaving for holidays, going home, but I decided I'll stay here, since I'm staying only for 6 months, three weeks/a month back home seemed a bit of a waste. :)

So I could finally make this mani, I tell you, I wanted to make this mani since the moment I saw these stickers. I'm talking about Embossed Texture Metal  Style 3D stickers (ID code: 5659) Born Pretty Store is offering and honestly, if there was only one product from now on I could buy from their store, it would probably be this one, I effing LOVE the effect! I won't even describe Born Pretty Store in these posts anymore, I'm sure you all know the store, it's like one of the best for nail art out there. :)

I wanted it on a very dark base, and Catrice The Dark Knight seemed perfect. Sadly my camera makes it a bit too blue, it is actually the royal velvet-y purple shade. I had the same problem with Illamasqua Baptiste, my camera just couldn't capture the awesomeness of this particular shade of purple. And it's probably my favourite purple shade. Oh well. :)

Seriously, love the effect, it is awesome. The stickers are really easy to use, I use tweezers to pull the pattern from the sheet and to place it on the nail and it takes no time at all. It sticks to the nail, but not so much you couldn't pull it off and replace it. The stickers can be cut, so if your nails are shorter, that is not a problem. You can also cut them to have more short tendrils all around the nail (I'll do that the second my nails grow out a bit). 

The only minus is that the edges don't stick to the nail really well, even after applying top coat. So it is not a mani that would last for days, edges on most of my nails started twirling a few hours later when I made my lunch, so yeah ... but nevertheless, I really love the effect, so I'm gonna wear it again. 

You get two patterns per sheet. 

And Catrice The Dark Knight, even if the colour is too blue on my pictures. The polish has a great sentimental value for me, as I bought it in Vienna in March, on our moot court competition. :)

The Texture Metal Stickers are available in Born Pretty Store and they are on sale right now, only 1.99$! And BPS has my favourite type of shipping - the free one. :) So go grab it! You can use my discount code to get 10% discount too: SSL91!

What do you think, your kind of thing?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.


  1. Super izgledajo, takoj bi nosila kaj takšnega, sploh v kombinaciji s kakšnim temnim lakom :) Bo treba kaj naročit očitno :D

  2. Ove naljepnice sam vec negdje vidjela, lijepe su mi kao i lakic :D

  3. odlično izgledaju naljepnice... a i lak je krasan, ima super ime :D

  4. Kako krasno izgleda ta manikura z nalepkami. <3


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