Sunday, 25 May 2014

The winner of the giveaway and a panda mani!

Hello darlings! I have returned with my winner Rafflecopter kindly picked up at random from all your entries. She also already replied to my email, so she is confirmed winner. :) Congratulations, Amanda, for winning the $20 voucher at Born Pretty Store! I am sure you will have a blast, picking all the goodies for that money! And thanks again to Born Pretty Store for sponsoring the giveaway. :)

BTW; it was great fun reading your comments and I truly appreciate you all who read and comment my little blog, it is basically the biggest reason why I still go on with blogging, despite my not so regular postings, as my schedule gets fuller and fuller. So, in short, you are the best! :) I hope I will host another giveaway soon! 

In light of this being a Born Pretty Store giveaway, I am showing a mani I did in the beginning of the week with their water decals I received for reviewing purposes. You all don't know this about me, but I am a bear fan. I think they are among the cutest animals on the planet. And of course I love the fuzzy cute panda bear! So when I saw these water decals of pandas, I did not hesitate for one bit. :)

Gosh, aren't they adorable!? The item itself is called 1Sheet Cute Panda Pussy Vivid Feather Pattern Design Nail Art Water Decals Transfers Sticker, item ID #12302 (and the main reason why I always write this down is that I find the names of most of their items incredibly amusing). As you can see, you can pick three different images, the pandas, the peacock feathers and a kitty cat called Marie, I think this is from a cartoon of some sort. 

Naturally I picked pandas, since I think bears are adorable and these are really well made, and did this mani with it:

I did the pattern a bit differently on my right hand, that's why I am showing it as well. Isn't it adorable?? I love it! I used Kiko 296 for this one, with H&M White on my ring fingers. 

Water decals themselves are incredibly easy to use, that is also the reason why I am becoming a rather frequent user of water decals. They spice up my mani, it looks like I can do nail art (which I can't, not really) and they take no time whatsoever. You cut the patterns off the sheet, take the protective layer off, dunk everything in water for approx. 10 seconds, take it out and put it on your nails, tap it a bit, so you also remove the water and it is done. Lovely. Plus, they are really cheep. ATM the panda bear water decals (and peacocok feathers and the Marie kitty cat) cost only $1,86. They are on sale from a regular price of $2,86, which is already seriously cheap, with the price on sale they are almost giving them away. Perfect chance for you to get them.

I really loved this mani, I wore it until the nail polish started to chip. Panda bears are adorable!

As always, use my 10% discount code when shopping at Born Pretty Store! Did I ever mention they have worldwide free shipping? Well, they do! And who knows, maybe you will use it again so many times we will have another giveaway soon. :)

What do you think, like it? Are you a fan of water decals? :)

Thank you all for reading and commenting, have a wonderful start of new week tomorrow!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.  


  1. congrats Amanda :D
    a pandice su preslatke <3

    1. Aha, i meni su preslatke, sigurno jih kupim kad jih potrošim. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Jaaa, meni so tudi srčkane. :) Jih bom pomoje kmalu spet gor spravila. :)

  3. Aaa, te pandice pa definitivno rabim. Pomoje bi še samo to nosila na nohtih, ker so tak lušne :)

    1. Hehe, res so srčkane, ja, pa res so poceni in precej jih dobiš v enem paketku. Tako da super stvar. :)

  4. Ahh, pandice! Neki najlepšega na tem svetu :)
    Super luštno zgleda tole.

    (Marie je pa lik iz risanke Aristocats :))

    1. aha, hvala za info! Nisem gledala nikoli, se mi zdi ... vsaj ne spomnim se. :D

  5. zelo, zelo luštna manikura. :))

  6. Paaande. <3 Kako so lepe. :)