Wednesday, 30 July 2014

New In ~ A Haul Post

Hey everyone! Time for a new haul post, yay! This month I got a few things I've been wanting to get for quite a while. My first real paycheck and all that. ;) I got a few more packages, but I shan't show them on the blog, they are not beauty related, BUT they are for my costume for the sci-fi&fantasy convention in September and I cannot wait for it! :) I will probably do a separate post when I get all the "ingredients" if you'll be interested. :)

Let's see my lemmings!

A group photo!

Issey Miyake Pleats Please has been on my WL for quite a while. I have like a top 10 of perfumes that I adore, Pleats Please is always in the top 3, so when I saw the sale in our Müller, I decided to get it. I was supposed to get a document case with it, instead I got a cosmetic bag. Admittedly it is by far more useful to me, but it is also perfectly ugly to my eye. Still, I love the perfume and it's bottle. :)

At last, a face primer! I've been searching for this baby for a billion years and when I saw this post on gorgeous Mateja's blog I decided to get it immediately. Max Factor Face Finity All Day Primer with SPF 20. I won't write much about it, Mateja covered everything perfectly. I wore it contantly in the last week  and it really prolongs the wear of my foundation, which is perfect. :)

Art Deco Dita Von Teese palette with blusher and three eyeshadows. Boy oh boy, I wanted this so badly. When Dita did the collaboration with Art Deco I almost died, I wanted to have everything she put out with her name. I love Art Deco quality and I knew she wouldn't let some crap make up carry her name. Everything looked classy and the colours were gorgeous and the whole concept just brilliant. I got a lipstick back then and a few eyeshadows and I adore them all. But palette was just to expensive for me at that point and then of course it got discontinued rather fast. Lucky for me a girl at started selling this palette a while ago and it was meant to be because it waited for me to get enough money and excuses to buy it. ;) 

As you can see, blusher did not survived the shipping completely. I blame that on our stupid postman. The package was rather thick and no one in their right mind would try to shove it in our small mailbox. Except our postman. And he really needed to work for it, I'd wager. When I saw the package, I was sure nothing survived, but clearly AD has some sturdy products. 
The eyeshadows are actually gorgeous, especially the dusty purple matte one, so I am thinking I will keep them, at least for a while, I did a combo with them only and I love it for a very soft everyday look. 
Of course the palette is already full, I added my Dita Von Teese purple eyeshadow (Mystique) and the ultimate black matte eyeshadow I adore.

Oh, and the price for three AD eyeshadows, a blusher and a limited edition palette? 13 eur. Epic bargain. Aaand I also got a gift with my purchase:

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse dry oil. My first! Late to the party much? I know. Everybody loves this little potion and I can't wait to try it on my hair. I cannot use it on my skin, it is too oily, but my Mom definitively will, I think she will love it. The smell in unbelievable, I adore it already.

And again something for the hair. I bought the yellow balls on a whim, it is suppose to make your hair curly without a heater. I bought them at Born Pretty Store, they are called Yellow Lovely Soft Sponge DIY Lady Hair Curler Roller Ball. I tried them once but I disliked how they tugged on my hair when I tried to remove them, I felt them snap, because they get stuck in the sponge. And the final effect isn't really good. Maybe there is a learning curve, I gave up after that one try.

The second tool for hair I love. Topsy Tail Hair Braid Ponytail DIY Maker Styling Tool. I only use the bigger one, it helps to do a bit different ponytail and I really like it, it is easy to use and there is million tutorials online for it. There are pictures on the paper board as well, but the description is in Chinese so it is useless for me, as the pictures are of bad quality. Nevertheless, it is a nice product.

And finally, my last lemming for this post: Tangle Teezer Compact Styler! As I decided I will put more into my care for my hair, I needed a good brush as well. The comb I used was really crappy and it created static on my hair, as if they weren't frizzy enough. Tangle Teezer is awesome! I bought compact one because I move from one city to another often, and it is awesome. Small, but not too small, and the cover is just a brilliant addition.

See, tiny!

Lots of lemmings killed. :) And what did you get this month?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. uuu, me res zanima tale Max Factor primer, super da ima SPF :)
    Passing Fancy​

    1. Ja, ga kar priporočam zaenkrat (pa tudi meni je super to da ima SPF :)), na dolgi rok bom pa še videla, je pa Mateja naredila oceno po kar dolgi uporabi, tako da najbolje, da njen post prebereš, je super napisan, vse pokrije. :)

  2. Same dobre stvari :) A veš, da imaš Pleats Please tudi v Refanu? Seveda, če te ne moti dokaj brezvezna flaška.

    Tale ponytail stuff izgleda zanimivo :) Bi bil za sprobat.

    1. Aja? Ma, nazadnje ko sem iskala parfume v eni od teh točilnic parfumov, je bilo vse skupaj zelo žalostna izbira, je pa res, da nisem čisto ziher, če je bil Refan, ali morda kakšna druga parfumerija. Bom preverila Refanovo izbiro. :) Sem pa velik fan parfumskih stekleničk, vsaj nekaterih, je pa res, da so kar strošek.

  3. kakve krasote :D
    ditina paletica je zbilja predivna, a primer mi zvuči odlično, valjda ću ga se sjetiti kad se rješim zaliha :D

    1. Primer je do sada stvarno odličan, tako da ako se sjetiš, kupi ga. :D

  4. Tale parfum izgleda zelo mikavno (meni je steklenička začuda všeč). :)
    Pa Art Deco paletka je WOW. Nuxe olje pa je itak odlično, jaz sem ga tudi kupila šele prejšnji mesec, tako da nisi edina. :)

    1. Paletka je res top, tudi senčke, sploh nimam pripomb, odlično je vse skupaj. Pleats Please pa priporočam, sicer sem že slišala, da je malce "poseben" vonj, ne tako vsakdanji, ampak meni je super. :) Steklenička je pa tudi meni zelo lepa. :)

  5. jao artdeco paleta je super :D