Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Royal & sea & turquoise blue trio

Heya everyone! How about new NOTD? Nail crazy said I should show my NOTDs more often and lately I actually feel like wearing more than one colour I've already shown, so with posting these I don't fear I am not boring you with my nails. :)

I think I am in my blue phase quite strongly lately. I constantly feel like wearing some sort of blue shade. For this I mixed up two colours and a glitter. I actually wanted to fling a duochrome topper in there as well, but I thought it would get too busy. Please excuse the state of my cuticles, I wasn't home when I took these and there is no dishwasher in my BF's cabin up north and that shows. :)

I combined them a bit differently on my right hand and I prefer this combination to the one on my left hand, hence the picture. Excuse the weird position of the hand, I am not used to taking photos with my left. :)

The royal blue is Revlon Royal, I think it has to be one of my most used nail polish, the colour is just sickening. It is a jelly and so it photographs a bit sheer even if it is not. 
The turquoise blue is Kiko 342 and it is in fact a true turquoise, not sky blue, like it is on my photos. Online swatches prove also it is a very nice dupe of O.P.I. Fly, if you really want a cheap but great substitute of that baby. 
On top is the utterly gorgeous Sea Blue glitter made by Esmaltes da Kelly (EDK) I got from lovely Eveline all the way from Brasil. I love how irregular the glitter is, and that it is dense enough I only need one coat to spread it evenly over the nail. Brush is awesome, a lot of brands could learn from this indie np maker. :)

And of course  I needed to put a matte TC on the Kiko combo. Apparently that's what I do with lately with at least 2 nails, my brain decided it is obligatory. 

What's on your nails today?

Thank you for reading and commenting!