Monday, 7 April 2014

A gadget for gradient (Born Pretty Store review)

Heya folks! How are you doing on this beautiful sunny day? I got up very early so all of the sudden I have time for blog, yay! Today I have for you a funny little "gadget" that makes gradient mani even easier than it usually is. Born Pretty Store offers a stamping set for the gradient. With extra foam, so when it gets too dirty, you can always change it. A lot of you, already rocking the gradient, will probably think it is a bit of a waste of money, but I personally like that I have a plastic holder for the sponge. Otherwise I can get my fingers dirty quite fast. So I think it is a good prop for the nail art beginners, not to mention the sponge is awesome. 

I tried to make two manis for this post, both I really liked, but for some odd reason the orange&red one photographed really weird. Take a look.

This was Deborah Milano Pret-a-Porter Stardust, with Kiko dark blue shade. I loved this combo.

See?  The contrast was much stronger in real life! I have no idea what happened on these photos, and these are by far the best I've gotten! I combined orange Sinful Colors with stark red polish varnish and it looked pretty awesome, I promise. ;)

And this is what you get in the set. A plastic holder and 5 sponges. On Born Pretty Store site you can find the set under name 5Pcs Round Sponge Stamp For Gradient Nail Art (item ID is 12145) and it will cost you only 3,48$. As you know, Born Pretty Store offers free shipping around the globe, so it is a very nice offer. 

Pros and cons of the set:
+ I think the gradient is done easier with the prop, as you do have a holder for the sponge. 
+ The sponge is perfect for gradient, it is not too dense, so the gradient effect is very nice.
+ You get 5 sponges, that you can of course turn around and use at the sides and thus it can last for a while.

- I can imagine for a lot of you, that are more into nail art, this can be a bit unnecessary, as gradient can be done with regular sponges as well, perhaps it is only the extra motivation to actually do the gradient mani, if you have a gadget for it. :)

So yeah, that is it. It is a good set, if you would like to invest into having a special toy for gradient. Do not forget to use my 10% discount code if you go shopping at Born Pretty Store!

Would you buy such a gadget for the gradient or do you find it unnecessary?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here


  1. Obe sta lepi, prva mi izgleda čisto morska. :)

  2. The blue one is amazing! But I think my opinion doesn't count that much, since I'm a blu addict... :D