Friday, 17 April 2015

Catrice Luxury Lacquers ~ Sandhopper

Ok, honestly, people, the whole hype around sand finish never got to me, I just did not find that finish appealing. Typical of me that I am slowly discovering it now, with perhaps more affordable brands. I kind of like it, especially if it is glittery. I found Catrice Sandhopper in one of the "on sale" jars in Leclerc and it looked stunning in the bottle so I took it. Apparently it is from a limited edition called Sand'sation, I do not remember this one at all. :)

Sandhopper looks amazing on the nails too, I love how shiny, glittery metallic it is. The finish is very sharp comparing to other sandies I already tried, and it lasts really, really long time. I am very pleasantly surprised about that - I do not have top coat on and it is still on my nails after 6 days of wearing with only two minor chips. 

Oh, my pinky nail got really badly broken right before we went to a music festival in Germany, and at that point my nails were really long and I really didn't have time to file them down, so I used the Nail Crazy advice and tutorial with fast drying glue and it works like magic! Thanks, Žana, you saved my life that day, when I didn't have enough time to eat, let alone do my nails!

What else? Oh yes, this was three coats, you know me, better one coat extra than a visible nail line. ;) The brush is OK. Still not the old Catrice I remember, but it is ok. The polish dries really fast, and, as mentioned, has really good staying power. I might look for another one from this limited edition, Sandhopper was a good surprise!

Have you gotten anything from Sand'sation edition? Any sandies you would recommend?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Res odličen efekt. Jaz obožujem te sand finishe in verjetno mi ta odtenek ne bi bil pol tako lep, če ne bi imel sand finiša:). 6 dni? Srečnica, jaz imam slabe izkušnje z Catrice laki:/

    1. Res? Mene so Catrice vedno precej ubogali, vsaj tako po spominu. Je pa res, da mi zdajle tale kombinacija podlaka in nadlaka neverjetno ustreza, mi zelo dolgo zdržijo laki, kljub temu, da stalno nekaj po papirjih šarim in da na roko perem posodo, ker je stroj crknil.

  2. Tudi tega mi boš enkrat posodila ;)

  3. This looks seriously amazing. I love it :-D

    1. Yeah, it is very impressive glitter, I like it too. :)

  4. fantastičen lak! gre kar na moj wish list :)

  5. Uh, this is pretty! Why didn't I got this?

    I love the ones from Zoya. Too bad they discontinued them... My all time fave is however OPI - Emotions.

  6. krasna bojica <3
    nisam ga ovdje vidjela na policama, možda se jednom nađe u košarici sa sniženjem ;)
    drago mi je da je savjet s peel offom pomogao :D


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