Monday, 13 April 2015

Essence Love & Sound LE ~ Glastonberry

Heya my lovelies! Today I have another new polish for you from the LE you already met on the  
shelves, probably, Love & sound LE. I am loving the matte and I am still on the fence about the sand finish, but this shade kind of called for me from the stand and I gave it a go. It is this fleshy-nude colour and desert-matt finish sounded interested enough to give it a go. I do not regret it, as I really loved wearing this colour.

The sand finish on this particular shade is not as sharp as it can be on some of them - I am wearing Sandhopper by Catrice ATM and I could file my nails with it - probably because it is not a glittery polish. The colour I love. No idea why, I can imagine a lot of people hating it, and it was more of a boring colour comparing to others in the collection, but it intrigued me. And I loved wearing it. Plus, it lasted for a long time for a nail polish sans top coat, especially considering I had longer nails on this photo, I think it went 5 days without a single chip. Very nice! 

On photos I have two to three coats on my bigger nails, the formula and brush were good. Actually the brush is major improvement from the last Essence nail polish I tried out. If this is their new brush, I am starting to buy Essence again! 

Did you get anything from LOVE & Sound LE? Do you recommend anything I should try and find on the shelves?

Thank you for reading and commenting!