Sunday, 26 April 2015

Catrice ~ Doll's Collection ~ Playing in Lavender Heaven

Hey everyone! Another Catrice polish. I am sort of re-discovering my love for Catrice nail polish. I have some true beauties in my stash by Catrice, I need to wear them again. Playing in Lavender Heaven caught my eye on the shelf because of the shimmer that was nicely visible when moving the bottle, plus it looked like a very nice subtle lavender shade, great for office as well, so I grabbed it. 

The application was good, this is three coats, as my nails were a bit longer at that point. I think Playing in Lavender Heaven will appeal to many, as it is a very wearable colour. I am a bit on the fence about it, I feel like shimmer is almost brush-strokey, even if it is really not. I don't know. It held beautifully on my nails, almost a week. 

Did you get any of the shades from Doll's collection? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

~ Ulmiel


  1. It's so pretty and I like the finish :-D

  2. Nice swatch. I have also recently bought this nail polish! ;)

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