Sunday, 15 September 2013

Butterflies on nails pt. 1 ~ Born Pretty Store review

Hey guys. This review is long overdue. So let's get this show on the road. Born Pretty Store, as you all know, has all sorts of great products for all kinds of occasion, but I still think their offer in nail polish and nail art exceeds expectations, they have everything! In my latest review I got water decals as well, I chose the pattern of butterflies [4pcs Nail Water Decals Stickers Colorful Butterfly Flower Fruit, item ID: 5625], just because I prefer them over fruit and large flowers. 

You get one sheet of butterflies, divided in four squares, that indicate different sets or kinds of butterflies. They are different sizes as well. And well, that is basically it, you cut the butterflies you want on your mani, put them into water, wait a couple of seconds and put the butterfly on the nail. Never forget to peel off the protective layer of plastic, because that will ruin your water decal, it will not stick to the nail. Yes, I learned that the hard way, I just forgot all about it. 

Some observations:
  • The water decals are extremely easy to use. It takes like 30 seconds for the entire procedure.
  • It is best to use tweezers to pick up the decal after it separates from the paper.
  • Do not soak it for too long, if the butterfly floats from the paper entirely it is very hard to save it, since it scrolls up or around tweezers. 
  • The decals are not bothered by fast drying top coat, they do not wrinkle at all. In fact, I think the decal somewhat protects the polish so the mani lasts longer.
  • The large butterflies are really big, with my short nails they were basically too big for me to use them, so they can be used either on very wide nail or a long one. 
  • The foil of water decal is not just on the butterfly picture, keep that in mind, if you have shorter nails and trim the edges around the butterfly. 
  • The base colours should not be too dark or intense, or the butterflies will darken into a black shape. I like that, actually, but if you want to preserve the colours of butterflies, keep that in mind as well.
My first mani with them:

So yeah. I really liked this mani, I think it was cute. If you want to buy the water decals, they are on sale right now: click! Also, here is my code for 10% off at your purchase:

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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