Tuesday, 17 September 2013

How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color (guest post)

Hey guys! I have a guest post for you today, the theme is How to pick the right nail colour. Honestly, I have had tons of troubles, picking a colour, many many times, since the choice in my stash is pretty big. First world problem, eh? ;)


How to Choose the Right Nail Polish Color
With the multitude of hues, shades, finishes and textures available at, and for your fingertips, choosing any one color, let alone one that suits your style can be daunting. I've spent far too many hours staring at the wall of nail lacquers, overwhelmed and unable to decide. With a little help, you can make the best choice for your nails in less time, so you get out of the cosmetics aisle and on to bigger and brighter things.

Detox Your Nails
Before you pick your polish, consider which nail lacquers contain a ton of scary and toxic chemicals that pose major health risks over time. While healthier options are not always readily available, when you can, try and buy brands that are free of formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate (also known as DBP). Nontoxic brands are easy to find, even at your local drug store. Additionally, acetone, the nasty smelling ingredient in polish removers can cause respiratory problems and eye irritation. Non-acetone products are usually located beside acetone versions. Non-acetone products require a little more work, but your lungs will thank you!

Balancing Act
Whether you have a special event or are spending a day at work, you can make a chic statement by counter balancing the palate of your manicure with your outfit. Match a bright ensemble with neutral nails or a subdued one with a candy color. A classic example that easily transitions from day to night: pairing your black suit or little black dress with bright, super glossy nails will give you a stunning but subtle pop of color. You can pair your accessories to match, if you're feeling ambitious.

Monochrome Moxie
Although some experts and fashionistas advise against all over color coordination, there are occasions where matchy-matchy is the smart choice. Be perfectly paired by choosing a polish in the same color family, a shade darker or lighter than your outfit. The slight difference will create depth, while making you look entirely put together.

Go for Gold
Metallic shades add instant market value to your manicure, and because of the variety of metals to choose from, it's easy to find one that suits your skin tone. Consult your jewelry box to decide which sparkle makes you dazzle. If you tend to wear primarily silver, gold or even copper, stick with those tones on your nails, as they tend to be the most flattering for your skin. If you like sterling silver and turquoise, get funky and paint one nail to match that beautiful sea-toned stone.

Make your Mood
Feeling playful? Paint your nails in rainbow colors − a different color for each nail. Vampy and brooding? Try out a rich dark purple, deep red, chocolate brown or go all the way with daring blacks. Dark colors can make a powerful statement, but are best suited for short, very neat nails. Conversely, if you are feeling blue, pick out a sunny orange or yellow shade to chase away the rain cloud hanging over your head.

Ultimately, choosing the right nail color should be fun. Don't over think it! Be bold, and play around a bit. If you have time, take yourself on a date to the drugstore and sample the shades. Choose a few you know work well with your style and take a chance on one crazy color. Mix and match until you find what's best for your palate and skin tone. Follow these simple tips and your nails will be the envy of the salon.

Mimi Foster owns her own salon and loves to write articles on fashion, shopping, technology, and earning her project management degree online.

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