Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Water decals on mint ~ Born Pretty Store review

Hey my dear people! Lots of stuff going on here, but today I had some time to finally do this review of the second product Born Pretty Store so kindly sent me and that I have shown it to you before. I think the store has done some changes with the page and it looks much more organised now to me, so that is great for the customer as well. If you are planning to do some shopping there (their nail art section is insanely vast and has basically everything), you can use my code to get 10% discount on your buy: SSL91

About the product of today's post: they are called 4pcs Nail Water Decals Stickers Black Stripe Ripple Triangle Moon Star Round (item ID: 5631) and are currently on sale for only 2,99$! They have 4 different sets of different patterns, I have chosen the sheet with patterns D196 to D199.

And quite honestly, I did not expect these to work. When I got them, I saw just how big they were and knew there was no chance getting them on my extremely short nails, I did not feel like trimming them and ruining the pattern, but they looked so wide and long I was like ... who can put this on their nails?? So I waited for my nails to get long (I need to do a post about my holy grail of saviours for nails) and figured it is time to try it somehow. I trimmed it a bit, because the shape of the start of the decal is completely useless in my opinion and then tried it, following the instructions.

The instructions are the same on every water decal, it was the same on butterflies.
As I started to put on the decals, I saw that my nails are still too short for the entire decal and that I have not trimmed it enough, they were too wide. I already saw a disaster waiting for a nail polish remover, but then I put the TC on and tried to remove the decal around the nail with a wooden stick. And it worked! Apparently top coat kind of melts the decal on the edges and so it is actually very easy to shape the decal according to your nail lenght. So all of the sudden this was by far the easiest nail art I have done in ages. The pattern is not complete, but I do not mind this, it looks like I have my nails covered in lace and everything is awesome when covered in lace. :)

This is after trimming, and on my longest nail. Your nails have to be REALLY long for these decals.

For all other advice, please check the Butterflies post, they are the same, just add the TC advice to it. :) My pictures are the best I could do in the Bratislava weather. I need to get my lightbox here from Ljubljana, I think I will need it. I am currently wearing Catrice Mint Me Up, that contains gold shimmer and it looks amazing with the water decal, I wish I could capture it.

I adore the final result, it looks awesome, I will definitively purchase these when I use them up. Plus, they take basically no time off you, they are perfect for those who are too impatient or not skilled enough for the stamping or freehand nail art. Love them! 

Here is my coupon again, if you want to buy the decals, I totally recommend them. :)

Have you ever tried the water decals? Did you like them?

Thank you for reading and commenting!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.


  1. Super ti decali izgledaju :D ja bi ih naravno stavila na neku drugu podlogu ^_^

  2. Zelo lepo izgleda! Prav poživi nohtke:)