Sunday, 31 August 2014

I heart Makeup - Brow Kit ~ Fairest of them all

Hey girls! How are you doing? Every time I write that I say that in my head with Joey's voice, hah, it cannot be unheard. :) Today I  have for you the Eyebrow set I <3 Makeup did, called Fairest of them all., slovene online makeup store kindly sent me the set and I have been using it every day since the day I got my hands on it. I do not think I will search for another one ever again, this baby is just perfect for me, I am really happy with it. 

I did a look a while ago, when I started testing the set, and took some pictures with it, to show you how it works on my brows. I have naturally strong brows, so I just fill them a bit, and then put the wax on and I really love how it sets the brows, they stayed this way whole day long, even when it was really hot. Usually when sweating the "browshadow" kind of disappears in couple of hours, but Fairest of them all stays put.

Package and what it contains

As you can see, there are three different shades in the set and a wax to fixate your brows. You get a small brush and small tweezers with it. The brush actually works very nicely. I tried tweezers just for fun, and they are not meant for a precise work, but if you missed a hair and it got longer, you will be able to pull it out with them. I think it is meant more for emergencies than anything else. I actually like the tiny mirror there as well, it works great for looking at your eyebrows only, but I do not really use it.
The package itself is sturdy, I move it twice a week with my luggage and the only thing that happened is, that the writing on the palette faded a bit. The eyeshadows do not break and the lid closes nicely, but not so hard you would need to struggle to open it. 

How it looks on me
I use the darker brown for my eyebrows and then I put the wax on them to fixate it. This is a look I did a while ago, I adore my blues. :)

Wow, sorry for the bitch-please eyebrow on my second photo, haha. :)

Comparison with other eyebrow sets

And then I decided to try to make a comparison with other eyebrows sets, so you can compare the shades. From left to right it is I <3 Make up Fairest of them all, Makeup Revolution Lock&Load palette, Essence  Eyebrow set (the one with horrible package) and on the top is the Catrice Eyebrow Pencil Date With Ash-ton.

As you can see, the two lighter shades in the set are indeed very light, comparing to the other shades in other sets. For me the brown one works perfectly, as it is a mixture between Ash-ton and dark Essence shade. Plus it is not as dusty as the ones in Makeup Revolution and Essence sets nor does it fade away as quickly as Date With Ash-ton. And none of them are shimmery, that's just my ArtDeco primer. 

 You can get I heart Makeup Brow Kit Fairest of them all at for 4,95€ or their official site for £3.99. I am really happy with it, I can only recommend it.

What do you use for your eyebrows? 

Thank you for reading and commenting!

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