Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Spotlight on my favourites: Maybelline 24/7 Color Tattoo Eyeshadows

Hey everyone! Another Spotlight moment. I fell in love with Maybelline Color Tattoos when trying them as an eyeshadow base for eyeshadows. I bought first the black and the white one for that purpose, called Timeless Black and Infinite White and they worked absolutely fabulous. The eyeshadow colour is deeper, or brighter if you put it over white, it lasts forever and doesn't fade or crease. Naturally I started buying more shades when I saw how awesome they are. Next were the bronze and copper ones, called On and On Bronze and Metallic Pomegranate. The last two I bought were the purple Endless Purple and Mauve Crush.

The only thing that bothers me about these Tattoos is how inconsistent Maybelline is, with naming them and supplying them. If you go online, there are many shades we do not get and again some of the shades that we did get are renamed for some reason, or we have them in different colour but same colour group. Just ... what the hell, Maybelline, give us all the Tattoos and be done with it!

As mentioned before, I use them as secondary eyeshadow base, over a regular primer, to enhance the colour of eyeshadows. They work perfectly for that. The only shades I wear alone are Mauve Crush, On and on Bronze and Metallic Pomegranate and they work wonderfully like that as well.

As far as packaging goes, I like it, glass jars, big enough not to struggle with the application, whether you use your fingers or a brush. If you drop them on the tiles, they shan't break. I checked. :)

Timeless Black started to dry a bit in the jar, but it still gives great colour payoff. Mauve Crush is actually slightly duochromy, but my camera didn't capture that. It is why I bought it in the first place, the duochrome in it is yummy!

Swatches on the skin, in shade and on direct sunlight. All are done with two swipes, I used my fingers, although I like to use brush for them, especially when my nails grow longer.

From top to bottom:
Endless Purple: its pigmentation is the poorest, also application the hardest. I wouldn't wear that as an eyeshadow, simply because it applies patchy. It works well for under purple eyeshadow, though, it makes it pop out more. But don't buy it if you are looking for an eyeshadow in this shade, I wouldn't recommend it.

Infinite White: it is a very sparkly white base. I use it for under my brighter eyeshadows, to really make them stand out and it works wonderfully, no creasing, the application is easy, no problem. I actually wore it once as a combination with black eyeshadow, to make the big contrast, it worked great. A good sparkly white eyeshadow.

Mauve Crush: it is a cold cold icy blue, made of colourful shimmer, utterly gorgeous. I love this one, really. The only glitch in the Matrix with this one is, that it can crease a bit on a hot day, I wear it alone only in Fall and Winter. Works amazing with a black eyeliner. 

On and On Bronze: a gorgeous bronze colour, that is really popular. The shade is great for neutral make up, it looks subtle, applies like heaven and stays on the lid for hours. Not a problem child. I like to use it as secondary base for neutral shades too.

Metallic Pomegranate: utterly gorgeous reddish copper with golden flecks. My favourite secondary base for MAC Cranberry, they work great together, but as an eyeshadow it looks amazing too. It has the same problem as Mauve Crush on me, though, it can crease a bit.

Timeless Black: a classic black matte. Does wonders for black/vampy smokey eyes, it really deepens the colour, either black or some sort of vampy colour, dark purple shimmer or dark blue shimmer. On my swatch it looks like it has a poor payoff, but I do not do it justice, even if it started to dry up a bit, it still works great, especially with a brush.

As far as I remember, I paid around 5 euros for each. A steal, really, they last forever and they are dead useful. I love them, I hope we get more shades soon (or I find them in a drugstore somewhere, as i did with Mauve Crush :)).

Do you like Maybelline Color Tattoo, do you recommend any shade in particular?

Thank you for reading and commenting!


  1. Res so odlični:) Škoda, da ni na voljo še več odtenkov:) Jaz imam tudi pomegranate, on an on bronze in white:).

    1. Jap, fantastični so. Tudi jaz upam na kakšne nove odtenke, pa ne vem, slabo kaže. V tujini morda. :)

  2. You need Permanent Taupe, meni se zelo dopade ker je mat. And I need On and on Bronze :)

    1. O Permanent Taup sem že veliko razmišljala, ravno zato ker je mat. Mislim da je že čas, da kupim in je to to. :D Ja, On and On Bronze je res odlična.

  3. imam bijeli, ljeti mi je obavezan :D
    ali taj crni djeluje predobro *.*

    1. Da, crni je odličan, i kao eyeliner! :)