Sunday, 10 August 2014

I Heart Makeup ~ I Heart My Lips ~ Racing Heart swatches and review

Heya darlings! How are you doing? Today I have for you my newest crush. Everybody in the world already knows about Makeup Revolution, right? If you don't, well, now you do! It is a very affordable makeup brand that is still of good quality, albeit the low prices. Well, the Makeup Revolution has a sub-brand called I Heart Makeup and lič kindly sent us bloggers some items for tryouts. 

When I opened the I Heart Makeup Racing Heart lipstick I liked it immediately, even though I assumed it will be only for special occasions, being a very dark purple. When I put it on, it stole my heart (no pun intended). It is a gorgeous perfect shade of berry/purple that is actually quite wearable, on the bold side. I am totally in love with the shade and the quality of the lipstick. 


The packaging
As you can see on the photos, the lipstick is in the shape of a heart. I prefer the standard shape of the lipstick, but it is not too bothersome, you can apply the lipstick without any extra struggle. The outer part of the lipstick is matte and the inner heart is shimmery. On the lips it gets this gorgeous satin kind of creamy finish and it looks ah-mazing. 

On the bottom you have a cap with a lipstick, I assumed it is the same deal as with MUA lipsticks. But I struggled quite a bit to get it off and the lipstick in it is not as pigmented as the lipstick itself, so it got me wondering if it's maybe there just for the purpose of seeing the shade on the outside. 

Either way I think the packaging is OK, the shape is not my favourite, put it doesn't feel cheap and it is sturdy enough.

Swatches on the lips
 First just a flush of colour, with tapping the lipstick on the lips, for everyday wear, or if you think the colour is too bold for you:

And full colour, on direct sunlight:

And in the shade:

Seeing my lips on such a large picture is quite ridiculous. :) But I effing adore this colour! It is gorgeous! 

The test on the lips
I tested the lipstick with drinking coffee and was very happy to see it practically doesn't leave any trace on the cup at all. By the time I finished my coffee with water included it practically didn't fade from the lips, I didn't need to reapply it at all. It gets off the lips evenly when wearing it just as a sheer lipstick as well. Full colour lasts for hours. I'm sure I'll need to reapply it when eating, but that is normal, what I really love is that it survives drinking.

The lipstick feels a lot like a matte lipstick, meaning it is more on the dry side, but it doesn't sit uncomfortably on the lips, I do not mind the feeling of a matte lipstick, it means it will last long. :) There is no scent to speak of, if you really smell the lipstick itself it has a very soft sweetly-fruity scent, but you can't smell it on the lips at all.

Swatches on the hand
In shade, T to B: soft swipe, one swipe and two swipes
 Direct sunlight:

The I Heart My Lips line and where to get it
I was so impressed by the lipstick I went and check the other shades immediately. I Heart My Lips line comes in 6 shades, most of the others are too pink for me, and the red one is effing gorgeous, but Lord knows I do not need more red lipstick. I am very tempted to get the nude one, just because. And I really hope will get Lip Geek line as well!

You can get I Heart My Lips Racing Heart at for 3,95€, on Makeup Revolution official site for £2,49. For such an awesome lipstick this is a real bargain. 

Slovene summary
Ekipa lič mi je poslala šminko iz linije I Heart Makeup v odtenku Racing Heart. Gre za čudovit temno vijoličen odtenek, ki je precej nosljiv, lahko se ga nosi samo kot sled barve ali pa v polni berry barvi. I Heart My Lips linija šmink je srčaste oblike, zunanji del srčka je mat, notranji del pa šimrast, skupaj ustvarita zelo lep kremen finiš šminke. 
Šminka je zelo obstojna, preživi pitje kave in vode brez popravljanja, zdrži nekaj ur. Tudi stain se enakomerno porazgubi z ustnic. Za samo 3,95€ jo lahko dobite na, za tako kvalitetno šminko je cena res ugodna. 

Did you try any other I Heart Makeup products? :)

Thank you for reading and commenting!

 *I got the products as a gift, unconditionally, from (even the post itself was not demanded).


  1. Lep odtenek, zelo nosljiv :) Oblika šminke je kjut, Avon je včasih imel tudi na isti način narejene.

    1. Ja, mene je prav presenetila nosljivost, sem po barvi v tulcu mislila, da bo že čisto gothic. :)

  2. Super mi je oblik ruza :) sto se njega samog tice ocekivala sam nesto pigmentiranjije, al ovo je za one koji ne nose tako intenzivne boje i super je i za svaki dan

  3. Tale šminka mi je tako všeč! :) Meni pa tele srčkaste kar ustrezajo za nanos - ful lažje nanesem po robovih, pa si nisem mislila. :)

    1. A res? Mene pa ravno robovi malce zamedejo, ne vem, očitno sem se tako navadila na tisto klasično špico. :)