Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Kiko: 278, 319, 205

Hey darlings! And welcome new people! Glad you can join us! I had the most amazing vacation ever, 6 wonderful days with great people on a great place in the middle of nowhere and it was just ... perfect, really. It's where and when I recharge my batteries for the whole year. Even my BF showed up for a day, it was the most beautiful surprise ever (I really didn't expect him to show up at all). So all in all a great week. I should be studying my ass of right now, naturally, but as you already probably know, I can't stay away for long. Forgive me for not replying to your comments, I read and appreciate them all, I just don't have the time to reply them. Sorry! And thank you!

I have another three Kikos for you today. I have three or two left in my untrieds, so I guess another set will be in order. I have *so* many things to show you, I have no idea when will I do that. So you can expect more combined posts.

 278. This type of purple and finish are all over the place. Sadly I get fed up of it fast for that reason, but it's still a beautiful one. It's lighter purple than the rest I have in this area too. A lovely colour, but it doesn't photograph well, you should imagine it tons cooler. I hate my pictures of it. :(

 319. I bet you didn't see this one coming! This was a gift from my cousin, who is the exact opposite of me when it comes to nails. She loves french manicure and the wildest she goes with the colours is this Kiko. So basically a major boredom for me. That's why I was shocked at myself when I realized I love 319. Pardon my arrogance, but it made my nails and hands look so beautiful. I got bored of it in a day, of course, but it's my favourite safe colour now.

A bottle comparsion with China Glaze Below Deck:

205 over 319. It's what I did the next day of wearing 319. Tevta got me 205 because it looks very much like China Glaze White Cap that was at that point completely sold out. Otherwise it has the "french manicure" sticker on the handle. Tell you the truth, if this is how White Cap looks like on the nails for real, I'm disappointed. 205 whitens the base colour way too much for my taste. Still, the golden sparkles are lovely.

278 needs three to four coats to be completely opaque. Not something I love about a polish, but the result is worth it. It looks like a brighter sister of Orly Out Of This World, but with less duochrome. It dries really fast, I didn't need TC for this one.
319 needs two coats only and it's really easy to work with, a very well behaved polish. 
205 is the one I'm not sure about. I don't like the milky bonus it adds to the base colour. The White Cap owners, tell me, does White Cap whiten the base colour too? 

The brush is fantastic and the application a bliss. Kiko rocks, seriously.

What do you think of these? I already have some comparison prepared, if you want to see the Below deck one on the nails too, let me know!

Thank you for reading!


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  2. Purple is probably my favourite colour so I have to say that I love #278!
    But since I am a nail blogger, I have started hating purple: my camera isn't able to capture it, even if I try to balance the settings. -.-
    Anyway, great italian polishes in this post! ;)

    ps. sorry if I deleted the previous comment, but it was full of mistakes!

  3. O, pozdravljena spet nazaj!

  4. Cristina, no problem, it happens! Yeah, purples can be really tricky, especially if there is a lot of blue in them. Still, loving Kiko! :)

    Biba, hvala! :) Saj ne bi smela biti nazaj, ampak pogrešam bloganje. :)

    Hvala za komentarja! Thanks for the comments!

  5. Me veseli, da si nazaj, sem se začela počasi spraševat kje si =).
    Če si mogoče bila predolgo stran of lakov za nohte, te morem opozoriti, da sedaj prodajajo Depenf lake v SLO, ampak to že tako verjetno veš =)

    Tile kikoti so pa zelo lepi, še posebej vijoličen me je v živo zelo očaral. Na mojih nohtih je bil kar 3 krat zaporedoma =)

  6. ljubicasti mi se svidja, a ni ovaj zadnji nije los, srednji bas i nije moja boja

  7. Predivno!!!!

    Ljubičasti mi je apsolutno savršen, ali ni ovaj drugi nije loš.