Thursday, 18 August 2011

Welcome to Slovenia, Depend! *hugs the Depend counter*

It's been almost two weeks since the first notice of Depend in SLO came to me (and I'm guessing to the general nail polish population in Slovenia). There was no rumors about it, not a whisper, nothing. One day I was having coffee with Kaneli and she said she saw the counter of Depend in our local DMs. Needless to say I almost fell off the chair. Depend! In Slovenia?! Holy crap!! I love Depend so so much and now Depend came here? I can buy my bottles like 5 minute walk away from where I'm sitting right now typing this away? I must say, I'm extremely happy about it. What is more, they cost almost half the Scandinavian price, with 1.70€ for regular polish and 2.10 for crackles.  

Naturally I had to buy one, just so I can say I bought one in Slovenia, I picked the purple crackle, since I regreted not ordering it from Finland months ago. Right now the counters are pretty empty, girls are buying them in big numbers. I'm happy about that, since that also means Depend will stick. And what's not to love, anyway? The colours are awesome, brush is great, formula can be a bit tricky, but completely managable. All for 1.70 €. 

You all know my favourite source for Depend is also one of my favourite blogs evah, Alizarine Claws, but just because my colleciton of Depends isn't so small, I'm giving you some more in this post too. Three are missing, I still haven't worn them, bad Ulmiel! 221 wasn't shown on the blog yet, so there's a new one too! With crackle effect on top. 

 221. Photshooting of this beauty is a bit tricky, usually the pictures came out way too blue. It has a little bit of green in it too, this is the best I could do. The application was excellent, it needed two coats only.

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat called Distressed Denim. Yes, you see me doing bright-dark blue crackle combination way too often, I know. But I love it. And this crackle is awesome because when you add TC, it gets very jelly-like finish. Love! 

And now those that you've already seen, but I want to show them again. Some swatches are horrible to me now, rookie. And sometimes my nail shape is just WTF. o.o

 Blue Crackle, 5002, my favourite crackle in the world, with or without TC (below you can see the magical shimmer it contains). Upper picture with Brucci Giana's Rockin' Blue, below with Wibo 311.

 Sadly discontinued, but too beautiful not to be mentioned. 170

 209, interesting colour, horrible nail shape. 

 225. The worst formula I've met with Depend.

 19. Classic red, bit boring to me.

 204. Gorgeous one, especially on the sun. 

 228. One of my favourites.

 249. Again, one of my favourites. :)

The red crackle, 5004. Not the best combination, I know. Still, crackle is a great one. Base is Essence Forget-me-not. 

Like I said, I love Depend. The formula can be a bit tricky sometimes, but even if it is, it's completely managable and most of the time it's just fine. I've heard about some drying problems with Depend. I've never, not once, encounter them. Fast drying TC anyone? With TC Depend behaves nice, even if there is slow drying present in the formula. All in all I can only recommend Depend. 

I still have three more to show you, if you count the purple crackle. But I think you had enough. :) 
Do you have any Depend bottles, what are you experiences with them? My Slovene ladies, did you grab your bottles in the first wave or are you waiting for the second round? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm always so happy to hear about Swedish companies doing well (or at least doing something) somewhere else. Makes me feel like a proud parent... :D
    I like Depend most of the time.. It's just that sometimes their formula just sucks....

  2. Ajme meni. Blago tebi.... hoću i jaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!

    Ako se kod vas pojavilo u DM-u to mi daje neku malu nadu da se možda pojavi i kod nas. a cijena je super.. joj.. ljubičasti crakle.. joj joj...

  3. Wow, congrats! And nice swatches :)
    I like these polishes too, I'm sooo sad I can't get 170 anywhere now..
    *deep sigh of envy* Why, why not to Germany..

  4. Jaz sem vzela oranžen lak in dva crackla, ostalo pa ... kda drugič. Zadnji mesec sem preveč zapravljala za lake. :/ Sem pa izjemno vesela, da so prišli v Slovenijo, da si jih lahko tudi Slovenke privoščimo. :)

  5. Depend is imported by a Slovenian company, I was so surprised as DM is basically German.

  6. I got my Depend crackles on a recent trip to Tallinn. They're not available -unsurprisingly- here in Spain.
    I recently used the blue one you have for the first time and found it thicker and faster-drying than my other crackles, the P2 ones. You have to work real fast with it, imo.

  7. I love their crackle polishes, perfect size for me. :)

  8. e da oce doc i u hrvatsku nitko sretniji od mene, od ovih 221, 228 i 170 su moji apsolutni favoriti

  9. So many petty polishes!

  10. Wow, tole se da dobit u naši Slo.? Se vidi, da že nekaj časa nisem bla u drogeriji, ker bi si drugače že kupila kakšen priboljšek ;)

    V svoji zalogi še nimam svetlo modrih, ker mi nikoli niso bili všeč ampak 221 in 228 sta mi pa spremenila mnenje in če ju kje vidim sta definitinvno moja. ;)

  11. I've only tried their cracked polishes, but the others looks so good to, I should try them out. :)

  12. Thank you all for your lovely comments! I trully appreciate them and I hope you'll love Depend as much as I do.

  13. Ahhh - vidim, da potrebuje še veliko Depend lakcev. :D