Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Petites - Utopia

Me again. I had a big lunch, so until my blood returns to my brain, I just may show you another one. Btw, how are you with the Fall collections? I'm loving a few of them! My favourites are Zoya, Finger Paints and Orly. They really nailed it! I was always more of a fan of Fall and Holiday collections and I'm glad this year won't disappoint either. 

What? Oh, nail polish! Yes. It's Petites Utopia. The first time I ever saw these babies were at My Lucid Bubble, and I loved them, so I was happy to find them  in a swap box, yay! Utopia would be my favourite, if I haven't seen Daze and what Bruno from Acetone and Old Lacquer did with it. *dreamy sigh* Still, Utopia is simply stunning and I adore it! Even if it ate right through one coat of base coat and stained my already pinkish nails. Two coats of BS, people! But when Utopia shows you the little duochrome she's hiding there on the nails, all is forgiven.

See the duochrome, see it, see it?? 

The pictures don't really do this one justice. It's sparkly, vibrant teal colour with purple flash of duochrome, that makes you stare at your nails constantly. The duochrome isn't really strong, but it's there, and I love how this colour sparkles in low light too. That's why I love this type of finish! Although it needs more coats than a regular creme. This was 4 coats, because I'm a 100% cover freak, 3 will do, but you'll have VNL. The brush is aaawesome, it reminds me of that one in Jesse's Girl bottles, so easy to handle. 

All in all a wonderful colour with wonderful application. Come to think of it, Utopia and Daze are equal, I love Utopia a bit more since I actually have it. :D Lovely colour, I do recommend it!

Thank you for reading!


  1. wow! does this look like the green ones from zoya? I guess Ivanka and Apple are they called.
    Love that!

  2. I see the duochrome :D Beautiful nail polish :)

  3. kvašno, kvašno... zdaj sem ljubosumna ;-p

  4. Prekrasna zelena,obožavam ;)))

  5. Zelo je lep. Me prav zanima, kako velika je tvoja zbirka zelenih lakov. :D

  6. Thank you, everyone, for your comments!

    Danny, it has similar finish, but the colour is more teal than Ivanka and Apple. :)

    Taya, se kar bojim preštet. ;) Enkrat jih bom pofotkala, čisto za hec. :)

  7. What an unusual nail polish, it's beautiful!