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Guest post: 7 Interesting Ways Fabric can be used instead of Furniture

Hello everybody! I have another guest post for you! I like guest posts because they bring variety on this blog and i think today's theme is so interesting and inovative! The author of the article is Martina Simon, thank you for making it for my blog!

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7 Interesting Ways Fabric can be used instead of Furniture

We love to find new and interesting ways to decorate our homes. From floor coverings to wall hangings, we enjoy choosing and using fabrics to enhance our space and complement our room’s decor. Choosing the right furniture to go in a room that’s not too big and fits the space perfectly is important.
Fabric is available in a wide choice of colours and patterns with something that will suit everyone. The perfect way to finish off a room is to find the right pattern and colour fabric and use it for a piece of furniture.
Here are some great ideas from Volga Linen on how to use fabrics instead of furniture.

Floor coverings
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Ever since the days that people have covered their earthen floor with fresh green rushes, we have used some kind of floor coverings. Although laminate might now be considered yesterday’s news, all kinds of rugs are still in use made from hand-tufted wool rugs to soft alpaca fur. Available in a huge range of patterns and colours, everyone can find something to match their colour scheme.

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The latest styles of sofas have included a mix of patterned and plain fabric in a choice of colours. More casual seating such as beanbags and chair-shaped beanbags offer extra choice of seating arrangements. Rattan furniture offers practicality with smart looks.

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Fabric can be used on canvases as pictures to join your colour scheme together and it can be used on items such as photo frames. The use of scatter cushions, bolster cushions and pillows can also help to bring colour to a neutral room.

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Storage pockets can be bought or made in colour scheme-matched fabric to use as wall storage, door storage or sofa arm storage.

Hiding Storage
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Curtains are not only useful to cover windows, but they can be used instead of doors to cover storage units. They can be matched to the decor of the room and offer a simple way to conceal your belongings.

Redesign Old Furniture
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Use fabric to redesign your old furniture and give it a new lease of life. You can use throws to give an old sofa a facelift, the seats of old wooden chairs can be re-covered and a scratched table can be polished and decorated with a cloth runner. You can also re-cover an old headboard with fabric to match a newly decorated room. Using quilting squares to make your own bedspread to cover your bed offers a personal touch to your bedroom.

Show off Your Craft Skills
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Use your craft hobbies to create beautiful objects for your home. You could embroider a sampler or a tapestry, make rag rugs for your floors, make some decoupage pictures or use some of your own art. You choose the colours and the fabrics to match your room decor and the space will be uniquely yours.

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