Sunday, 28 April 2013

Born Pretty Store: Fun Flocking Velvet Powder mani in Blue

Heya guys! I am studying hard again (trying to get rid of those last exams) and I remembered I owe you another fun piece of my latest Born Pretty Store review. I already did the black and white stamping polish review, but the flocking velvet mani waited a bit longer. Honestly, I prefer the expression "fur" nails MUA made up, but velvet is certainly very accurate, as it does feel like you have velvety ... or perhaps plush nails. :)

First, like always, my 10% discount code is still valid: SSL91, when you are buying anything from Born Pretty Store. They specialise in nail art, but they have a bunch of other nice stuff as well. Did I mention free worldwide shipping? Awesome! And they are pretty quick as well, usually I have to wait about two weeks for Hong Kong - Slovenia distance. Neat!

Anyway, Fun Flocking Velvet Powder (item ID is 4507) comes in a very decent 13g apiece and in gorgeous 14 colours, that are nicely displayed on the page. I really like that they show the swatches, not just the containers, I always get a better estimate on how it would look on my nails. I chose the dark blue for my review, and it really is a gorgeous one. Let's have a look at the pictures.

There is a nice tutorial video Born Pretty store made that explained the use of powder very clearly. I also tried the way MUA advises to use their fur powder, where they roll the nail on the powder. But I think it looks much much nicer if you put it on the nail with tweezers. That way the powder does not clump, as it does when you roll your nail over it. Also, the container is big enough that you can do this over it, so you do not have to clean the powder of the table, which is very cool. You can tap it off the nail on the lid, to avoid the same thing.

All in all it is a lot less messier than I thought when I started with the mani and when I watched the video. On the video it looks messy, but it does not have to be. Plus the mani is really fun, I enjoyed it. Of course, because this is textured mani and no top coat can be used, it lasts for about a day. The second day the powder got off a lot more on the nails that I rolled in the powder, the ones that were done with tweezers and tapping the powder looked much better, but they still started to bald. :) So it's more of a day, perhaps two days mani, if you do not mind the bald spots or do not use water very often.

But it is a fun product, I am seriously thinking about getting some more colours! :) If you are planning to get one, be sure to take the discount! 

Do you like this velvet/fur/textured mani trend?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.


  1. meni je ovo baš super, fino sjednem i mazim si nokte ;)

  2. I haven't seen any of this in recent reviews I read. So cool!

  3. Jos nisam nasla nigdje lokalno za kupit ovaj flocking powder, nadam se da cu jednom nac, ovo mi super izgleda, divna je boja