Thursday, 11 April 2013

Givenchy 739 ~ My first 10 year old

Hey ladies! Yesterday, as I was finally re-arranging my list of polish and making the final cuts to the collection, I realised I have a polish that is right around this time of year 10 years old! It is almost empty, as you can see in this My most worn polish tag I did a year ago and is consequently quite thick, but I wanted to wear it today! Givenchy 739 or Intense Red can still be purchased, apparently, I found it on a web site for 6,66 dollars. It is funny because when I bought it it cost me (or my mother actually) a fortune. I bought it for the end of primary school dance, we call it valeta, I guess Americans have a similar thing called junior prom? Not sure. Anyway, that was in 2003 and I wanted a nice red polish to go with a red top I was wearing and I found Givenchy 739 beautiful with the golden and red shimmer. Back then this was probably my first nail polish or one of the first and my Mom does not use nail polish at all, so we did not deem it expensive. If I recall correctly, it costed around 5000 SIT, which now adds up to around 21 EUR or 28 dollars. Without a doubt the most expensive polish in my collection. I do not think I will ever spend that amount of money on any polish. Ever again. But the formula was and still is gorgeous. I remember it still, because one coat was enough and there was no troubles with applying it and I was a noob back then! I loved to wear the polish regularly until my second half of high school, then I forgot about it a bit. The brush is still excellent and it is still a one coater, even though I should use thinner before applying it today. I was not diligent back then when it came to cleaning bottles and I had troubles opening the bottle today, horrible.

The biggest flop Givenchy bottle has is the handle. It is thin and ugly, I have no idea what were they thinking when designing it. I actually smudged the polish when polishing my nails, because the fingers stick to each other around the handle. I saw they redid the design a few years back, which was a very good call, thank you very much! 

The golden shimmer is not visible on the nails, just the red one. It is a rich red, but nowadays not really all that special. I will probably get sick of it quite soon. But it does held a nice measure of nostalgia for me, that is why I will probably use it up sooner or later.:)

What is the name of your oldest (or most expensive) nail polish and how old (or expensive) is it?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Ja nemam nijedan tako star lak, a najskuplji lak, ovisno o tome u kojoj drzavi gledas cijenu XD ako se racuna ona koju sam ja platila onda jedan OPIc

  2. krasan, i luda bočica :D
    imam dva chanela i jedan lancome... ali ništa tako staro ;)

  3. Prekrasno!

    Podsjeća me na Essie Jag-U-Are :)

    Moj nail polish blog

  4. I wish I could get hold of a 10 year one. x

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