Tuesday, 30 April 2013

O.P.I. ~ Dutch Tulips

Hey my dear people! How are you doing? Today I will show you a colour that I actually wear quite often, comparing to my other colours. Hm ... often is not the word that really covers it ... but I wore it at least five times already, and that puts it close to the top of my most worn polish list. A few days back I felt like wearing it again. When spring comes, I feel like wearing this crelly. Dutch Tulips is a mix of red and pink, I would say, still strongly on the red side. The pink undertone does not photograph well, but it is there. Also the name is wonderful, tulip is my favourite flower. :)

I took photos on several occasions when wearing it, trying to get decent accurate colour, so I have a mix of different wears and nail polish length. :)


Dutch Tulips is a part of OPI Classic Colors and is a crelly, creme with jelly consistency. That makes it very glossy and squishy. It also needs three coats to be completely opaque, but I know most people would be happy with the coverage that it has after two coats. The application is a perfection, very easy, very quick, brush and formula are great. Like I said, love this shade. 

What is your favourite Spring shade you like to wear as soon as the snow melts?

Thank you for reading!


  1. ljepotan, nema šta, s glitterom još zanimljiviji :D
    uz ljubljanske ceste još uvijek rastu tulipani, nadam se ;)

  2. prelep i sam i u kombinaciji sa sljokama :)

  3. Lijep je, jos s Blair pogotovo. Nju nisam probala stavljat na nijedan crveni, nakon ovog cu definitivno morat :)

  4. These are Loco. Love them x

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