Monday, 8 April 2013

Born Pretty Store: Stamping Polish in Black

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I am actually doing better from the nasty cold, yay for me! Today I wish to show you the second part of the Black and White stamping polish set Born Pretty Store kindly sent me for review. I wanted to try a completely new stamping pattern with it, that also seemed a bit complicated with all the fine lines, to really put this black (and my stamping skills) to the test. Let's see how it turned out!

First, let me copy the observations i have made with the white stamping polish, because they are completely the same for the black one.
As you all know, Born Pretty Store holds everything possible you would wish for in relation to nail art. They have it all, and at a very affordable prices. So far I had not have a single bad or unpleasant experience with them. BTW; my code for 10% discount is still valid: SSL91.
In this package two stamping polishes were hidden, in black and white, the ID code for the set: 1381).
  • The bottle is small, 3 ml. Consequently it is cheap. 3.41$ for the set, 1.70$ for the bottle. 
  • The brush is wide and big enough so there are no troubles with quick application to the plate.
  • Formula is thicker, obviously that makes it very nicely opaque and easy to work with. The pattern got on the nails easily, where I noticed mistakes it was due to me pressing the stamp too hard on the nail (still haven't lost the habit).
  • The pattern does not smudge when top coat is applied! Praise the nail polish fairy, this was my biggest issue when stamping before and now it is gone! 

Both black and white polish are of the same excellent quality when it comes to stamping. They don't smudge, they make the stamping process extremely fast and easy ... no complaints! To the pictures:

I really loved how this turned out. The orange base and black fine pattern. And the black stamping polish acted wonderfully. I wore this until it chipped during my sauna visit. Too much water, what can you do. Anyway ... I really recommend this stamping polish set of black and white colour. They are both great to work with. Here is my code for -10% if you decide to shop at Born Pretty Store, to get the low prices even lower. :)

What do you think about this combo?

Thank you for reading!

*Product sent for reviewing purposes, you can read my disclosure here.


  1. Nisam vidjela na proslom samo su 3 mL pa to je bas malo :/

    1. Jeste, 3ml je dosta za one slićne meni, koji samo ponekad prave stamping manikuru, drugćje neznam, ako se baš isplati.

  2. pri tebi se pa kar ponavljam,...ampak če ne morem nič drugega rečt kot pa hvalit :) lepii nohtiiii <3 :) Flaška je pa res nekam majhna :P pomoje ti to ekspresno hitro porabiš :)

    1. Bi ekspresno hitro porabila, če bi se mi ljubilo stampat, tako pa bodo verjetno kar zdržale nekaj časa. Se pa strinjam, da so premajhne.

  3. How does it remove on your skin? I always have trouble getting the excess of because of the pigmentation.

    1. White one goes off easier than black one, but even with black one I did not have much troubles. I use the Essence correction pen and I think it worked just fine. Except where my skin was hurt, there it liked to get into the cut and I had troubles removing it.