Friday, 26 April 2013

Paket Petek ~ Deborah Milano Red Lipstick

Hey guys! Paket Petek! Haul post! As you can see, I am being very diligent about buying stuff and so no haul posts appear on the blog. Even in Hong Kong I only bought a make up brush, a hand creme and some gifts for friends. Yep. Good girl. ;) Today's package contained a wonderful lipstick, that I won on Planet Lepote and I am very happy with it, I already tested it yesterday. I love how perfectly nude it is on me. I have piled my strong reds in the past year or two and came short on wearable tones. Now my collection is very nice in that department as well, but a very good nude I did not have, until now. 

I did a swatch as well, but I hate all the pictures of it, so only not so very useful pictures of the lipstick. If any of you want swatches on hand/lips, let me know, I will try again. It is a wonderful lipstick, and I already fell in love with shade 9 on a swatch. Just have to check them in stores. :)

What was in the package you last received? Do you like Deborah Milano lipsticks?

Thank you for reading!


  1. nema lakića !? stvarno si dobra punca :D

  2. nisam odavno imala njihov ruz, ali ono sto sam imala ostalo mi je u dobrom sjecanju :) lijepa je ova boja