Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Essie - Power Clutch

Heya! Guess what! I found *perfect* boots for this Fall/Winter! I'm SO happy! I love boots, looove them, but I couldn't find any that would suit me (or they had 15 cm heel, which isn't really a problem for me, but the problem of walking in them to my classes in the snow appeared, not to mention they aren't really something I'd like to waste on 8 hours of college time). I was on the point of buying flat shoes, which happens really rarely ... and then *bam* the beauties appeared! They jumped right out of my head, I'm actually worried Murphy will break the heal or detach the sole or something, they are too perfect. ;) Ok, totally OT, let's go to the nail polish!

It's about time I start showing you more fall colours. And to reveal the latest news. Me and Essie made up, so I'm going to show you in the next few days the Essies I'm loving. As you may have noticed, I don't own many Essie polishes (or didn't, I guess). Before I found them a bit on the boring side and my first impression of the brand was the extra tricky Mint Candy Apple. That being said it's also the only flop in the formula I experienced in Essie department from that day. And this Fall Essie won my heart all over again. Starting with Power Clutch. 

Power Clutch is a part of Essie Brand New Bag collection for Fall 2011 and also the only one that really called my name, but boy oh boy, what a star of the collection! I love it! Yes, it's "just" a creme. But guess what ... I adore a good creme! I never got bored with the creme finish and I probably never will. Power Clutch is such a rich creme and extremely glossy too. It's grey with green undertones (although they didnt' show much on me, like on Once Bitten, for instance, insanely beautiful!) and I love it for the dark grey it is. I love grey colour in general, but I missed a good dark grey in my stash. Now  I have it!

This was three coats on my almost too long nails. I wore it right before the big breaking phase that's lasting for a month now (the last one was particularly painful, I can't even type with that finger ATM) and my nails were insanely long. When I applied the varnish I started thinking Essie is a polish perfect for shorter nails. The formula and particularly the brush suggest that. I had bold spots after the second coat with this nail lenght and the brush was too thin for my liking. When I shortened my nails the formula and the brush got perfect. Or is it just me?

I really love this one. It's not an over the top collection, it's a rather calm and sophisticated one, but Power Clutch remains the edgy child in the collection and it's one of my favourite greys in the stash.

Did you get any colours from Brand New Bag collection?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I have this one and LOVE it!!!

  2. You tell us everything about the boots and then not show us a single picture? :)

  3. Gorgeous color! Greenbased grey!

    But yeah, Now we want to see the boots! ;D

  4. Lak je lep ampak mene zdaj zanima, kakšni so čevlji ;D

  5. Gorgeous color! I have yet to get any Essie

  6. pravi mali dragulj, super izgleda na tebi, ja jos uvijek nisam nasla neki Essie koji bi me oborio s nogu s bojom

  7. Fingers, I'm glad you love it too!

    Biberlee & Andrea and Ina - now you've seen them! :D

    Une Ruxi a Paris, thank you!

    Kelly, some are really worth buying, at least IMO. :)

    Lendoxia, hvala ti! A koji plavi? Znam da voliš plavu boju. Mesmerize je super. :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  8. a ne bi se bunila recimo na lapis of luxury ili smooth sailing, ali nisu mi bas toliko jako posebni, ovaj mesmerize mi se svidja, ali po swatchevima mi se cini ful slican Chucku od Essencea pa mi ne trebaju duplici :)

  9. Hihihi, e sad na noktiće: prije mi se nisu sviđale ovakve boje, a sada ih baš volim nositi. The one of those "undistinguishable and indescribable" colors, looks great on your nails (and what doesn't? :)

  10. This shade looks lovely on you! I picked up Carry On and LOVE it.

  11. This is SUCH a beautiful polish!

  12. I want this one soooo bad. Looks great in person, too!

  13. Lendoxia, slažem se, zato jih i ja nemam. Al lijepi so svejedno, da. :)

    Biberlee, thank you, honey! :)

    GothamPolish, thank you for the compliment. :)

    imfeelingnail-venturous, it really is, a can only recommend it.

    Annie, it does, yes, a true grey, yay! :)

    AllThingsNails, buy it, you shan't be sorry. :)

    moonchild, thank you. :)