Monday, 28 November 2011


Hey people! I have another beauty for you today. This one is utterly gorgeous, I do not have words for this polish, seriously, it left me speechless when I put it on. I also did a bazillion photos and had the hardest time picking a few. The depth of the shimmer is mesmerizing. RGB Sea. Wow. The name is a perfection itself too. That's exactly how I like sea. Greenish. Not the turquoise-water-white-beach stuff. Deep, greenish sea with pebbles beach for me, thank you. 

The formula is superb. No faults. I'm not kidding. Insanely pigmented colour, silky smooth application, brush that applies the polish all by itself. Two coats are more than enough, I did the third one to see if the colour would deepen, but two coats are enough. Hard Candy Envy is a dupe of the RGB Sea colour, but you will not get the superb formula with it, as VV tells us. I think the formula is well worth the buy. 

I also like the minimalistic design of the bottle and the box. Elegant and simple.

For fun I searched through my stash to find a bottle that has the biggest difference between the bottle size and the amount of the polish. Givenchy with 8 ml won. This is how it looks like nex to the 12 ml RGB. And it just hit me that I should turn the RGB bottle on the side for you to see just how much thinner it is than Givenchy that is round. RGB is about a centimeter thick.

All I can say about RGB Sea is that it is perfect. It just is.  

If you get the chance, grab it. Or you not as impressed with the colour as I am? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. UMMMMM-can you mail this to me??? THIS IS STUNNING! I must have it!

  2. prekrasna je boja, obozavam sve zeleno :inlove:
    krasni su ti nokti :)

  3. Taking a deep breath after seeing these pictures! Gorgeous! Especially (unfortunately?) in the bottle. Is shimmer more visible in the sun? Hope so.

    That Givenchy bottle looks funny :D Does it have a double cap?

  4. You're right - this is a gorgeous colour!

  5. I agree with all the comments above. The colour is just awesome! Such a beautiful deep green!:O!

  6. I think this is the first time I have seen a swatch on this - it's SO gorgeous!

  7. Thank you everyone, for your lovely comments. :)

    Biberlee, no, it doesn't have a double cap, the application is quite challeging with it. ;)

  8. So beautiful! Shimmery! Lovely! =)