Friday, 4 November 2011

Paket petek (Package Friday)

Heya! Yes, I'm again trying a new theme on the blog. Since the Question of the week failed miserabily thanks to me, I'm thinking of starting something that isn't exactly on weekly basis. Here's the thing. Whenever I get a package I'm SUPER excited and happy. And I always want to show everyone what cool stuff I got. But then I open the package, sort the polish/other items, try them out and after a couple of hours or a day or two I already have the products on at least two different places and I get too lazy to put them all in one place and photograph them. Now with the new theme I'll hopefully remember to take a picture of the stuff and share them with you, just like I always want to. It will include all the packages, of all the make up and basically every package I get, since my Lipstick tag got a good reaction I said why not. :)

Oh, the name. Paket petek is literally Package Friday in Slovene. Paket = package, petek = Friday. I really like the word play, since basically both words are a mixture of the same letters so it sounds kinda funny. I hope. Or am I being silly?

I got two packages in last two weeks. 

I got these two beauties on a forum sale from one of my favourite nail showers on the internet. She's rapidly becoming my dearest source of BB Couture polishes, since it's SO much easier for me to get them off second hand and BB Couture Studio 54 is of course one of many greens of BB Couture I have on my WL. And well, L.A. Girl Heavy Metal. I think the name explains everything. I just had to have it. It's utterly gorgeous too!

This was a package I got from my favourite beauty portal (Planet Lepote), I got both items - Fleur de Sante Clarity cleanser & mask and YSL Rouge Pure Shine sheer lipstick in Rose Paillette - as an award and I was SO happy about them. Lipstick looks incredibly pink and, well, not-me, but notice the title "sheer" on the box. On the lips the pink is down to a minimal and all you get is this fantastic silverish sheen on the lips that makes them look awesome. It's not the watery reflection of lipglosses that I'm not too fond of, it looks silvery, I can't really think of a good way to describe it, but is makes this an awesome lipstick for everyday and when I feel like emphesizing my eye make up only. Plus, ladies, this lipstick lasts for ages. Seriously, I was shocked at how well it stays on the lips. Pity YSL is so much into gold package, I mean, what an overkill. If it was silver or matte black it would be a perfect package, don't you think? :D 
As for the mask, I cannot say anything smart about it yet, I haven't tried it yet. It smells divine though. :)

That's it. I've been good when it comes to shopping. Well, I basically don't buy myself nail polish anymore, I prefer to get the swap package. Honestly. Packages are a cool source of my happiness, I'm always sooo excited when I get them. :)

What did you find in your latest package when you opened it? :)

Thank you for reading!


  1. Jaz sem pa res dobila en paket ta teden - iz Amerike sem za zelo ugodno ceno narocila Derma E Tropical Solutions dnevno in nocno kremo ter serum. Lepa sminka, btw.

  2. O, čestitam, tudi ti si dobila lepo nagrado! :D

  3. It's so much fun to see the new stuff everybody else in the polish blogosphere is getting! It's been too long since I got some new things =/

  4. I want that lipstick, it looks so luxe!

  5. Awwww, zdaj sem pa slavna! ;)

  6. moonchild, veš kako sta zakon na nohtih! :)

    kaneli, a res? Sporoči potem kako se obnaša Derma E na tvoji koži, prosim. Mene tudi mika kaj preizkusit, ampak v Sloveniji je vse tako drago. :/

    Biba, hvala! :)

    Annie, go on then, spoil yourself with some goodies! :)

    Vita, it's a very good lipstick, I was really surprised with how much I love it.

    Nina, hehehe, itak, že nekaj časa, tvoje razprodaje imajo jekleno moč zlomitve še tako močnega no-buya pri meni. ;)

    Hvala za komentarje! Thanks for the comments!