Friday, 25 November 2011

Paket petek

Isn't it awesome I can do another Paket petek (Package Friday)?? You know why it's awesome? That's right, because that means Ulmiel got a package full of goodies this week!

The customs sent their love right before I went on my roadtrip. I wasn't very happy about it, since basically, I could have had the package already in my hands, if there wasn't for the customs procedure. Oh well ... they finally sent it right on the day I got back to Slovenia, so when I got home, the package awaited me. Torn, poorly stuck together with a short piece of duct tape and with two (!) polishes completely out of the bubble wrap (you know, so they could easily hit each other and break, why make it hard for them and unwrap only one?)! Not only did they tear it, they took them out and didn't bother at all to wrap them again. Can I mention too that one of these two was one of my biggest lemmings in nail polish ever, Nubar Greener? My wrath disturbed the Force that day, really. Not for long though, I got SO happy about the package, it was pure and utter perfection. I love my swap buddy, seriously, she rocks.


Not one but TWO from *the* Nubar collection for me, Greener and Forest! I honestly couldn't sit anymore when I saw them in the package. The entire package is perfect, but these two really made me go

The gif was probably nicked from the awesome Kaz (Pretty Random). She puts cool stuff like this on the blog, making me laugh like hell.

As for the eyeshadows. I know, I know. I keep telling everyone who is willing to listen I have a strict no-buy in eyeshadow department. And now this. I blame it on Kelly (Vampy Varnish). Who can say no to a product she presents so amazingly in her post? Not me, no sir. And they really are great. 

Perfect package, yes. What did you get in your latest package? Do tell, don't be shy!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Clothes. That weren't great. Before that it was 4 Nubar's though. They were kinda nice. One of them I didn't like too much, but the other 3 were nice.

  2. Lol, Sarah, I needed half of a minute to figure out you're answering my question, I'm so stupid. I was like, clothes? What about clothes? I need to go to bed or something. :D Thanks for the comment!

  3. Kakšne komplikacije s carino, tudi za swap... Ko sem narocila Derma E, mi Finci niso nic komplicirali, res pa je verjetno odvisno od teze.

  4. kaneli, pri nas je tudi ponavadi odvisno od teže, zato me je pa tudi zjezilo, ko so zagnali carinski postopek za paket pod 400g, kar ponavadi nikoli ne komplicirajo. Pa dobro, če se jim da, ampak naj potem še dobro zapakirajo nazaj!

  5. I got NailTek Foundation II to see if it really makes the miracle and my nails finally stop breaking. And along with it in the package I got China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic (omg this is gorgeous), China Glaze Little Drummer Boy and Color Club Voodoo You Do.

  6. :O! Nubar Forest!!! Men se že ful cajta cedijo sline po njem, a lahko prosim prosim prooosim ga pridem sprobat decembra?? It would make my year! ;)

  7. Simona, thank you for sharing. :) Hope your nails get better!

    Martinček, itak! :) Samo spomni me ko prideš. :))