Thursday, 24 November 2011

Well, I'm back.

Extra points for everyone who knows the origin of the title. ;) Heya darlings! How have you been? I'm back a bit later than expected, but you know how it is right after you return from a trip. I'm tired and suffer from my standard post-travel sadness, combined with one of my dearest friends leaving for a whole year, without any kind of visits to the homeland in between. It's quite a cut. I miss her already. 
I decided I'll show and tell you a bit about the roadtrip me and my BF did, what say you, would you be interested in that? I won't do a diary, I'll just point out a few interesting or/and fun or/and cool places and things we saw, k?

First some facts. We did a giant circle that started in Slovenia (obviously) and then we went: Hungary - Slovakia - Czech Republic - Austria and back to Ljubljana, it lasted for 6 days, and we arranged the stops so my BF didn't have to drive an entire day because that's just too exhausting. 

First two days we spent in Hungary or Madžarska as we call our neighbour's country. First day was in a lovely spa near our border (Szombathely) and the second in Budapest, the capital of Madžarska. We didn't see much of it, as, personally I'm not that drawn to Hungary's past and sightseeing and I focused more on Slovakia on this roadtrip. But I would highly recommend you the Walzer hotel if you're planning to go to Budapest. The staff is SO friendly and kind, they helped us with bus tickets and everything, the rooms are comfortable and the food is ah-mazing. They are 10-minute-bus ride away from the center of Budapest and the bus stop is like 3 minute walk from the hotel, plus the bus stops there really often, we didn't wait for it going to or from the city centre. 

Since we didn't plan anything special to see in Budapest we just took a long walk around the city centre, to get some feeling of the city and to see the old buildings (I'm a fan, yes) and the bridges and so on. But mostly Budapest meant polish shopping. My BF discovered quite a cool shop - I didn't even want to go in, it looked like a grocery store. But on the second floor they had a local cosmetic brand called Aden cosmetics (plus a few others) with, oh yes, nail polish! I also bought an eyeliner, since it was stinkgly cheap. It's soft, shows colour really well and stays on for entire day. For  65 cents that's basically a legalized steal, don't you think?

On the picture also Essence and Golden Rose that i bought in Slovakia, but this is my complete roadtrip haul when it comes to cosmetics. I would have bought more, but I already broke my budget as it is. In my defence, these aren't all for me! :P

Oh, and a funny thing we saw on our way to Slovakia. Hungarians took AC/DC with "Highway to hell" quite seriously. 

Later on it turned out to be a factory of an energy drink, but it was still amusing. 

Sorry for the bad photos, they were taken from a driving vehicle. 

After leaving Hungary the most expected part of our roadtrip began. Slovakia was the "main" country we wanted to visit and we had a blast. I'll show you more in the next posts.

Tell me, anything new in nail polish world I missed in this week? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Welcome back! And I think I know where the title's from ^^ But I hope that you'r trip was a lot more pleasant than his was....

  2. WB! Glad you had a good trip. :) And what a nice haul.. you have some polishing to do. ;)

  3. Annie,hehehe, no worries, it was. And by far shorter. ;)

    AmyGrace, thank you! And yes, I do have tons of polishing to do! The real problem is, which one to pick first? ;)

    Katkoc, no flakies, i didn't see any anywhere. :/ I hoped Golden Rose stand would have them, but they didn't. Oh well. :)

    Thank you for your comments!

  4. Welcome back! I'm glad you enjoyed your road trip. That road sign is so funny! lol

  5. From Return of the King? :) Love the haul!

  6. Welcome back :)
    great roadtrip, I love Budapest :)

  7. Thanks, darlings. :) I'll post more about the roadtrip itself later on, I promise. :)

    Yes, lackynails, it's from LOTR - ROTK, yay, you rock! :D

  8. Dobrodošla nazaj! Sem te že pogrešala. ;)
    Lep nakup! Komaj že čakam prihodnje prispevke s fotkami in zgodbicami iz potovanja. ;)

  9. Kmaj čakam na novo poročilo in swatche ;)