Friday, 22 July 2011

American Apparel - Butter

Hey people! How are you doing? It's my first day of studying ... and I'm almost two weeks late with it. Oh well. No rest for the wicked. Before I start with Butter, I just need to express my awe, lust and amazement with Lacquerized latest post on Nfu Oh 51. Those photos are unbelievably perfect, it makes me wear 51 right away. *dreamy sigh* I'm so happy she's back. :)

OK! Butter. I got it in a lovely giveaway from the super nice Holly from and at first I was sceptical about it. It was before my revelation that yellow actually rocks on nails. When I saw the bottle I was immediately drawn to the colour, it looks so soft and fluffy, it's not a stark in-your-face-yellow. It really resembles the colour of butter.

The lightbox draws almost too much yellow from it, but still it's a soft yellow, that applies very nicely. The last picture I'm almost nervous about showing. :) I have never done this type of picture, but I felt like the regular bottle holding pictures make the colour too much in your face. It's not. It's still a yellow, so noticable, but it's not My Yellow Fellow or that sort of yellows. 
My mother almost collapsed when she saw the colour on my nails. She looked at me with that expression of sincere surprise with the fact I'm really going out into public wiht this on my nails. It was quite adorable, actually. :) I wasn't sure I'd like it either, but it really grew on me.

This was three coats, my nails were so long at this point ... I miss them, I love the look of them here. Butter dries very fast and really glossy, this is without TC. For a yellow it applies like a dream. Very nice application. I like the brush too. 

So yeah, it's a very awesome polish, don't skip it on your American Apparel hunt. :) I wouldn't get it for myself alone, so I'm really lucky I won it. :) 

What do you think? Is yellow still not your colour? Are you following the trends for this summer of yellow or do you prefer your other colours?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I love this polish! even though I don't like yellow polish! ;)

  2. I'm happy she's back too!
    And Butter looks beautiful on your nails!

  3. Girl, I lóve the last picture, you have a beautiful left hand! ;) What an unusual colour, I kinda like it.

  4. Gosh, it looks really great :)
    Sve ste poludjele za ovim žutim, i kod Lalice sam slične vidjela :)

  5. Omg, super je. Jaz sem čisto nora na rumene zadnje čase, jih pa nimam veliko. Zadnja fotka mi je zelo všeč. Morala bi delati več takih. ;)

  6. That is a pretty yellow polish!

  7. Danny, yes, it's certainly soft enough even for those of us that aren't really CRAZY about yellow. :)

    ChaosButterfly, thank you!

    AmyGrace, oh, thank you so much! :) I was nervous about posting, so it means a lot. :)

    Miss Blue, thank you!

    Biberlee, hehehe, da, kažu da je boja ove godine, pa moramo malo. ;)

    Taya, hvala. :) No, potem bom pa res po tanovem dodala še kakšno tako. :D

    imfeelingnail-venturous, it is, i love it too. :)

    Thank you for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

  8. Naprej moram pokomentirati zadnjo fotko: Čudovito dlan oz. roko imaš! In prstan je krasen!
    Lak mi je prav tako všeč in lepo izgleda na tebi. AA ima veliko super odtenkov in res znajo narediti dobre krem lake.

  9. Barva ni ravno po mojem okusu, ampak ob tvojem popolnem nanosu mi vse postane všeč :) pa prstan, OMFG prstan <3

  10. Ajme odlična žuta. Ja sam tek otkrila ljubav prema žutim lakovima, ali prema onima ovakvog tipa. Ne volim one jake žute i one koje izgledaju kao žumanjak.

    Totalno upadaju u oko, a opet nisu prejaki. Baš sam se dobro osjećala sa žutim lakom na noktima.

    Divan ti je ovaj ljepotan, sad ćeš me natjerat da ga upišem na WL.

  11. meni se sviđaju ove isprane, mliječne žute, puno više nego žumanjak žute ;-)
    i zmijica mi je slatka :-D

  12. I think this color looks good on you!
    At first I didn't like yellow nails but it grew on me and now I really like it! :)

  13. Maestra, hvala za kompliment. :) In ja, po temle se je moja želja po AA lakih še okrepila. :D

    Ina, me veseli, da ti je všeč. :) Moj najljubši prstan. :)

    Lalica, hehe, i ja isto! :)

    nail crazy, ja jih isto lakše nosim. :)

    Annie, thank you. :)

    Thank you all for your comments! Hvala za komentarje!

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