Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Of gifts, giveaways ...

My darlings! How have you been? Yes, I know, I'm back later than promised (and planned) and so once again my Eveline week is postponed ... man, it's just not meant to be. We enjoyed our break in the lovely village next to beautiful Bled so much, we decided to extend our vacation till yesterday. I came home late in the evening and by the time I replied all the emails I was just too tired to write a blog post too. I really had an amazing time, great week, just perfect relaxation after all the work for college. 
Nail-wise: I cut them really short today. There in the house they don't have a washing machine and since I (for once) had to do or help with the cooking and the cleaning (which I'm usually spared of during studying time thanks to my lovely mother) and I broke one of my rules with forgetting the latex gloves for cleaning, my nails were in poor shape and I decided that instead of filing them down, I just cut them completely, so they can completely recover from scratch. So at one point you'll be looking at some seriously short nails on my blog, but to tell you the truth, I like them this short, for once. :) 

To today's post. It's LONG overdue. I wish to thank some people for being so kind and generous and frankly, it's been months since I've planned it. Why? Because I'm constantly waiting on one or two packages and then I always postpone it, 'just this package more and then I'll post it' and this is going on for a while now. Right now I'm still waiting for a couple more, but I guess I'll do another one or just thank the lovely ladies when I post the polish itself. Especially since I'm starting to forget what I want to put in the post. But since it piled up so much right now, it deserves a special post, I hope you'll find it interesting enough. :)  *** I have just written only half of the planned post and realized it's way way too long already, so I'll cut it into two, the other half shall come tomorrow. :)

First to gifts. Remember how I complained about my BF leaving for a whole week again and how he better get me some seriously awesome polish from the trip? Well, he did. :) Not only that, he brought me all sorts of stuff, also a couple of hand cremes and you know how much I love them. :) Here are the four beauties. They are from local Lithuanian brands, of course I never heard of them in my life, but I'm really glad to have them, I love local nail polish brands. :) As always, my love had an awesome taste in picking them, I already tried two on and they seriously kick ass. Thank you. :*

Brands Búk (no idea what that means) and Nail System, no names, just numbers.

And now to giveaways. I was lucky to win two in last few months. One from lovely Holly (she has a great blog called, go check it out!) and the other from Chi Chi (also awesome blog called The Phalanges Files, check this one too!). Both were very great surprises, I never really expect to win the giveaways, since there is always so many entries and with every giveaway I'm still amazed by generosity of nail bloggers.

 I forgot to put the Bundle Monster plate and the purse-sized nail files on the picture, silly me! So the gift was even larger.

The two amazing crackles, especially blue one totally stole my heart, I'm impressed by them!

Holly and Chi Chi, thank you both so much! I already played with most of the stuff and I love everything! Avojuice has to be the best body lotion I've ever tried in my life - at least the best smelling one for sure! Dust Bunny from Overallbeauty my favourite eyeshadow ATM and Butter and the blue Sally Hansen polishes the best yellow and blue crackle I have. So I'm one lucky hobbit, don't you think?

More of swaps and special hauls tomorrow! Tell me, what was your latest awesome nail polish purchase? 

Thank you for reading!


  1. Congrats on winning those awesome nail polishes!

  2. Wow nice new colors! My latest awesome nail polish purchase was getting Funky Dunkey and Ogre-the-Top Blue for a total of $6.50 when each of them are normally $8.50 (They were on sale at Ulta for 2 for $10 and then I also had a $3.50 off $10 or more coupon!).

  3. Čestitke za nagradi in upam da kmalu pokažeš Nubarčka in nove lakce iz Litve, :)

  4. Oh yay, I'm glad that you liked it!! n_n

  5. nail crazy, da, ovdje me stvarno zavoljela, hvala Bogu. ;) :)

    Biba, ane? :D

    ligata, thank you. :)

    Em, thank you for sharing! And that's a total bargain, I wish we had similar sales here. :D

    MissDoll, hvala! :) Iz Litve sem že preizkusila dva, Nubar me še čaka, vendar bodo verjetno malce kasneje na sporedu, ker poskušam objavljati kronološko, zaradi krajših nohtov, bom pa še videla, glede na to, da bi jih rada videla, bom morda preskočila kakšnega. :)

    ChaosButterfuly, thank you for sending them to me! :)

    Thank you all for your comments!