Monday, 18 July 2011

Best Blog Award

This post is long overdue, I promised to post it to Pink_Diamond few weeks ago. She is a lovely Slovene blogger, I suggest you click on the blog. It's fun and personal and very interesting. :) 

The rules for this one are:
- Link back to the person who passed you the award
- Complete the form below
- Share 7 random things about yourself
- Award 10 blogs
- Drop them a line and tell them about it 

Name your favorite color:
Green, black.
Name your favorite song:  
I can't name just one, it also changes quite a bit. At this moment Primordial Gods To The Godless, The Coffin Ships, The Mouth of Judas, then Blind Guardian The Curse Of Feanor and Bright Eyes, Destroyer 666 The Tyranny of Inevitable. I cannot get sick of them, I usually listen this combo when I'm jogging.

Name your favorite dessert: 
I have a giant sweet-fang, I love all sweets. My favourite would be a good cake and ice cream.

What makes you mad? 
Stupidity and cruelty. Does that make a lot of people? Also if I have to say one thing too many times or if i mess up fresh mani with silly thing like bumping into chair or something.

When you’re upset you… :  
usually talk really really loud and regret it later because it hits the first person that's close to me, most of the time my mother or my boyfriend and they are rarely the cause of why i'm upset. I can also sulk, which sucks, because it's the most deconstructive thing you can do.

Your favorite pet? 
I don't have one to my great regret, but I love animals; cats, dogs, birds etc.

Black or white? 
Your biggest fear is?
Death of my beloved. I think that when it comes to the core of real fear, that's the only thing i trully fear, that i'd lose my beloved ones.

Your best feature is? 
I can eat whole box of Domaćica in an hour. Yeps. Seriously, no idea, I hate questions like that, these are for others to answer about me.

Everyday attitude: 
"All we have to decide is what to do with time given to us." Also trying to think positively, although my never ending sarcasm can hide that pretty well. ;)

What is perfection? 
Perfection for me is when you accept that everything has its flaws and you love the flaws as well. :) But random thoughts for me: Middle-earth. Ocean. Awesome concert. Not too hot, not too cold, slightly windy day with the scent of rain in the air. That certain look my BF can give me. Nfu Oh 56. Clarins 230. Illamasqua Hectic. Ukbeauty Pearl eyeliner ... ok, now it'm streching it a bit, eh? :)

Guilty Pleasure: 
Sweets. Lots of them. Nail varnish. Lots of it. 

Now i have to share another 7 random things about me. Wow. Lots of work. for one award. ;)
  1. I'm really hungry right now.
  2. It's 1.35 a.m., I'm not sleepy one bit and I'm looking forward to another episode of Battlestar Galactica after I finish this.
  3. Today I killed two major lemmings in Nubar department, Reclaim and Prevail. 
  4. I wear glasses all the time, except when I'm sleeping or wearing contact lenses. :P
  5. I love yoghurt. 
  6. As a child I had a speaking disorder but the nice doctor fixed that for me. 
  7. My hair are back to it's natural brown colour after almost a decade of dark red, bright red, orange, violet, dark purple, black, blueish black and dark brown colours. 
I tag:
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... and all of you who wish to do this one. It's fun!

Thank you for reading!


  1. Čestitam za ngarado!

    Pa še več nagrad zame? You're the best! :D

  2. čestitam, sviđa mi se tvoja najbolja osobina ;-)
    i meni je daješ... hvala :-D

  3. Hvala vama! :) Ma, nail crazy, meni je stvarno najbolja. I najdraža, haha. ;)

  4. hvalaaaa:) ful lepo si napisala :):) tvoj blog je pa itak d best..čeprav se redko spravim komentirat:) vestno berem:)